Vodafone are lying scum (some of them anyway)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FatBoyGeorge, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Yes, I fell for it hook line and sinker.

  2. Yes, but sounded too good to be true.

  3. No, I just get a new contract.

  4. I've had the same Nokia 72brick since 1999.

  1. So Wednesday last week I recieved a phone call from Vodafone reminding me that my contract is coming to an end and up for renewell. Nice one, I thought, would save me going into town or making the call myself. What a nice gesture. We went through all the gumph about me not wanting to go anywhere else but I've seen better offers, so "He" pipes up with "...so what handset do you fancy?" Expecting to hear laughter from the other end I say "...a sony erricsson Xperia X1 would be nice"

    "......yes sir, we can do that. It's an expensive phone but we'll make up the difference from our budget. You can have it on the same tarrif and we'll class it as a free upgrade. It will be with you Saturday morning, it's recorded delivery so it will have to be signed for."

    Now, being the pecimistic (sp?) sort I didn't change my plans for the weekend and went out on the lash thinking that if I'm lucky, I'll have a note from the postie asking me to pop in for my package. So monday afternoon, back in from work and still no note from Pat. "Right, here comes a phone call."

    Long story short (it's looking long enough already) after half an hour of being on hold I spoke to a very helpful lady in Customer Returns and she informed me that the order had never been created and that I'd also been put onto a tarrif costing me £10 extra a month. Now I don't mind not having the most expensive phone but no fucker is going to rob me of 10 bob a month for the privalige.

    So after venting my anger and telling them that I took the day off work to sign for the package; costing me £200 in lost wages, what are they going to do about it? The nice lady didn't know what to say but she did say sorry and assured me that the agreement will be cancelled. Also she's created a case for a complaint against the knobber who changed my tarrif which goes direct to her, and his manager.

    Before I write a snotty email (a letter isn't an option apparently) asking for my loss of wages or the phone I was promised, has anyone else experienced something similar and what did you do about it after?
  2. Nope afraid not. When mine was up for renewal someone on here PM'd me with the entire Vodafone sales pitch and how to play it with them. It was spot on and I got the expensive phone I wanted for no cost. I assume that the person who PM's me used to work for them, the downside is I can't remember who it was!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    WRITE a letter of complaint as well, emails are easily left in an in-box. Detail exactly what losses you've incured. State the exact times that the calls took place (so they can playback the calls as they will have been recorded). If they've 'sold' you a new/renewed contract with the promise of a new phone then this sounds like it's in breach of the good old SOGA in that its not conforming to contract and you can report them to/threaten them with Trading Standards.
  4. Im with Vodaphone and my contract runs until next year but they still keep ringing me asking if I want to upgrade my price plan and extend my contract for another 6/12 months....

    The first such call was 1 month after signing the contract (March) and every 2 months since
  5. Erm............ thanks. :D

    I do plan on writing a letter, just jotting down notes at the moment before I send anything. Going to have to dig out an address too. Does anyone have a template for snotty letters?
  6. Not Vodafone, but had very similar situation with Orange a few years back.

    Call came through as above, contract running out etc, would sir like a shiny new phone? Well obviously, I'm an ex squaddie with a the natural magpie like tendency toward shiny things.

    Phone turned up on time no dramas at all... Then the monthly bill arrived with a £70 fee added for the new handset.

    Obviously at this point I went harpic and duly rang up to complain... Long story short, it turns out that Orange did not ring people to offer upgrades etc, and this was being carried out by an external firm. Depsite my protests that they were still acting on Orange's behalf, they refused to any form of refund, instisting that the fee was valid. The net result was me telling them to shove their contract up their collective hoop and refusing to pay them anything, as by their own admission, I had not entered into a new agreement with them.

    Bunch of cnuts.
  7. My OH got a call from Orange saying the contract was up for renewal and can they upgrade/change tarriff etc......OH was on a pay as you go!!!....<<sigh>> :?
  8. Same as JD got the phone I wanted at no extra cost.
  9. A draft of the email I will send this afternoon. I did originally use stronger (not abusive) language but decided to save it for later.

  10. All the mobile operators are now using other companies, on their behalf to upsell handsets, whenever my OH gets a call asking her to upgrade, I always ask for all the options to be sent through by post.

    So far never had any offers appear in writing!
  11. And where is my new shiny phone?
  12. I find Vodafone quite good. Last year I went to Canada and took my moby with me - tariff was a monthly contract and fone is a Sharp 3G-stylee thingy.

    Anyhoo, the software had a fault (later acknowledged by Vodafone) - upshot was that, whilst in the Dominions, it kept polling the interwebbnet every 2 minutes. Result? A phonebill that really was a larff. £4000 plus change.

    The Outrage mobility scooter was fired up and Rant Meter selected to 'Feckin Whaaat??!!' A nice man instantly admitted the fault, the bill was amended in real-time and an invitation given to take the moby to a Vodafone shop to be sent away and have the offending software disabled.

    A suggestion, though - always get the name of who you are speaking to, especially if you can get a name from Tech Support.

    Downside? Their shops are pants, mostly staffed by the mailing list of Acne Anonymous.
  13. I am able to confirm that it was vodafone direct that I spoke to originally, but also have had 3 other venders calling up asking to sign up to their latest deal.

    Agreed, the lady I spoke to today (very helpful BTW) did have his name but wouldn't give it to me. I got hers instead.
  14. I have been having a battle with Vodafone. My contract was due for renewal and they offerred a deal but said that it wouldn't show up on the bill for two months. That was correct but they seem to think that I had agreed to doubling my tariff for no extra benefits. No help from 'customer care' in facts threats. Letter to Company secretary went today.
  15. Can you PM the address for the company secretary please rockpile? Cheers.