Vodafone and Dongles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Negligent-Discharge, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks to "someone" playing Deal or No Deal on my laptop I found that all me credit had gone on my Vodafone dongle and I couldn't access my mail or see any other sites except Vodafone's to top up. By chance I tried my Armynet account and got through with no cost to me. Since then I've uploaded my email contacts file to Armynet and it works. The only drawback if one is out of credit is that one can't see Arrse, Google, Little Tony's GoGo Bar site etc.

    Anyhoo, I'm happy with Armynet and Vodafone can go and f*** themselves. I find their coverage in my part of the world - near 'Shot - pretty poor and no way do I get Broadband on my dongle and their call centre is manned by monkeys who can't speak English and you get a different "Customer Advisor" each time. However, they did send me, wait for it... wait, £1 worth of credit.... yahho (not).

    Anyone else got Vodafone problems? Anyone else use a dongle with a different supplier and would recommend them?

    B T W I've changed my password on the laptop so TSO can't access my dongle (fnarr, fnarr). Why did I bother buying her her own laptop?
  2. My first mobile was with vodamoan. at the end of my contract period I phoned 'em to check how I would go about cancelling it. I was told that I couldn't cancell ever,and would have to keep paying regardless. From there on it got a little surreal as my sarcasm kicked into overdrive and the gentleman (who I believe may not have been speaking his first language) I was discussing this with went off at some weird tangent. Telling the bank to stop paying them and a letter (dripping with sarcasm) to vodaphone and I heard no more about it.
    Basically vodamoan, carphone whorehouse,t-mobile and Orange can all fuck off. I'm running out of mobile phone providers who haven't pissed me off.
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    My phone's on 02... so far no complaints.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Mines on Vodafone. In the USA recently she went to check her voicemail and it asked for a PIN. She has never had a PIN on her voicemail so she rang them. "Sorry, we can only reset your PIN back in the UK. Its the way mobile networks are setup". Checking on the internet they have been aware of this problem for years - its on their users forum. My Orange mobile worked fine.
  5. Serves you right for playing Deal or no fucking deal.
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't there a minor political scandle where it was revealed that the default pin number for voicemail is standard at "0000" unless you actively change it and that unscrupulous journalists could access your voicemail without you knowing? It wasn't in the news long and didn't attract much attention so you may have missed it.
  7. My 3 dongle has been fine for me!.....
  8. I'm on Orange and have had no issues. In fact my Mobile, Landline, Broadband and Dongle are all on Orange.

    With my Broadband I have far less 'outages' than I had with BT, and higher speed with less cost. My Landline is cheaper, my Mobile and Dongle rarely give me the 'no service' message - Orange and TMobile share their masts so there is far more coverage than most services.
  9. Oh, and with Orange you get a discount for being in the Armed Forces!
  10. giffgaff

    Just about the cheapest UK callcosts, and unlimited txt and data on the GoodBags.


    order a free SIM from the above link, and you'll get £5 free credit when you activate the SIM. I'll get 500 points, and I'll make a donation to Hols4 when I get above 1000.
  11. Funnily enough they are owned by O2; not known for their generous data allowances!
  12. I use a 3 dongle no problems & if I'm out of credit I just connect my mobile to the lappy also with no problem. The irony is my mobile is with Asda which uses Vodamoan as the carrier but cheaper.
  13. I used to have a vodafone dongle. £15 quid a month for 3gig of download... The problem arises when you go past that 'limit'. They then charge a further £15 for ever G you go past... Sometimes ended up shelling out £60 a month for what was, in all essence, a fucking useless 'broadband' connection.

    Robbing cunts. Ditched them and got the full BT package (broadband, telly, phone) for about £30 a month instead.
  14. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't play fucking D or no D.. it's mindless... that's why TSO plays it.
  15. It's not really Vodafone's fault you've used all your credit, is it?