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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dont_Fear_The_Reaper, May 25, 2007.

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  1. How are units dealing with vocational drivers in the TA in light of the drivers hours regs etc?? Apparently, some units are now refusing to accept Voc Drivers as recruits!!!
  2. GAWD its a barrel of cheer on here (not just this thread - add on the others this week).

    We've taken on extra low paid civvies, hope to give them C+E...... they may even get a better job out of it

    as a last resort our SSgt Yeoman of Signals has a C + E license, he can drive as he only spends long hours staring at a VDU all week.
  3. Not sure how they are going to get round this at our unit as 80% of the drivers we have are vocational.

    Looks like they might have to sort some proper driver training out, but then again they might just make us walk.
  4. p.s. non of the above is true
  5. you're stuffed if you're are a civvy and don't take your forced rest at the weekend. Unit cohesion and efficiency down the toilet.

    You didn't think the Govt would look after the TA did you?
  6. GOC2Div is right. Irrespective of the various DIN, Loose minutes and briefings, if your civvy job is as a driver and you then want to drive at the weekend, you have to advise the TA/Army of the timings. If that means that you need to take rest at the weekend, that's what it means. The only way you can drive at the weekend is if you don't drive on the preceding Thursday and Friday and even then you may prejudice the following Wed for your employer. Worse still, you'll have to tell your employer on the Monday morning that because of your TA activities at the weekend, you'll need forced rest in his time, not yours....try that more than once and I suspect you'll be signing on for 220 days.....
  7. Does forced rest mean they can't do any training , or just that they can't drive?
  8. ^it means they can't train
  9. It means they cant do any duties at all as "other work" still conflicts with drivers hours/rest periods/TA duties/cadet duties.

    At the end of the day if you drive all week and work all weekend you cant drive monday or tuesday.

    One of our employees came in with a certificate stating that the TA soldier had not driven but had worked from Friday to Sunday 2 days later they let him back to work and docked him 2 days pay !! BEWARE the bosses
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And this is the summary: If you are a vocational driver, please hand your kit in.

  11. Or be prepared to use your holidays from work as rest periods. One of our guys is but I can't see it lasting :(
  12. a major balls up, this also affects the ACF, dunno if it is posible to reclassify wages as expenses to underline the voluntary nature of the the TA/ACF, as far as I know the only exception is if you did voluntary work as that doesn't count toward your working hours.

    something to think of, I did suggest it to my head shed I have yet to see what comes of it, again It is such a major balls up, I AM surprised that this has slipped past the DOT and the Govt and nobody warned them of the consequences.
  13. I think I may have the solution our vocational drivers have been looking for.

    You can drive Monday – Friday and still train on the weekends if you transfer over to “them”.
    Yes it’s true, if you’re one of “them” you don’t have to inform your employer you’re in the TA… and what the boss man doesn’t know can’t hurt him.

    20p says 21 is over flowing before 23 :D
  14. its been good in our unit, was on a veh bourne ex last week and the whole ex stopped for 45 mins at lunchtime and it stopped for 9 hrs at 8pm... cheers easy