vms get a new job


we are unloved and unappreciated lets face it when vehicles start gtting pooled we are out of a job anyway
so lets all find new ones


Yeah you all could new jobs, spiffing idea. You cant fix the ones you have now!!!! Right tool for the right job ............My arse!! A load of Jerry fixers if you ask me.

You could all be promoted to Recce Mechs or go and work for the 4th emergency service called the AA.

Or perhaps just fix the BVs on a prehistoric 432.

REME? top 10%? Dont make me laugh.

As for your cap badge. What the hell is all that about? ???  :mad:


Aah slack bladder. You're obviously cannon fodder. Noticed you didn't have the balls to say which cap badge you were so we could all ridicule it. Anyway, if you thick tw*ts wouldn't break everything you touch we might actually get a chance to keep the wagons on the road more of the time, instead of covering up for you lot only to receive no thanks whatsoever. Negligence, Misuse and Damage forms should be used more often-that's what I say. ;D


Slack Bladder, is that your nickname or is it your medical condition?Hmmmmmmmm ???
At my muppet theatre, sorry unit, it's gotten to the stage when the D+MI's ask us if we've serviced their dustbins, sorry Cr2's. Maybe we are the only one's trusted or competent to do it. Who knows. Tell us who you are with, go on, maybe you're embarrassed to be a spanker and just missed out on the top 10% and you are just a spiteful little ameba that the grunts wouldn't even take and ended up a bandie. :D :D :D


try and better youselves you vermin d##ks and become recey mechs. you all think you are allready but your not. we are the true gods on earth ;D


F*cking recy mechs..."I dunno wot it is but I can lift it."....."I did a 2 to 1 on a...". Stop boring us :D :D :D


all vms squat to piss not just b mechs, if being a recey mech is so shit why do all you vermin c**ts always try and get on a recovery crew? answer we are what you want to be


not quite recovery... the reason they all want to get on a recovery crew is that it is such an easy job....

which probably explains why your class one course is a few days rather than anyone else in a real job who's class one takes months to complete..... ;D :p

but still at least you get loads of qualifications in your job..... ???  oh no you dont do you....
;) ;)


Who is recovery? It doesn't take the brains of a window licker to do it. How difficult is it? Not very.
1. Move a little lever to winch out to get some rope.
2. Carry a couple of bits of heavy stuff to broken down thing.
3. Connect together.
4. Move little lever to winch in.
******* easy. I might even add this into the recovery manual, it'll be easier for thick as **** recy mechs to understand. :D :D
I've heard that VM tiffy's do a couple of days recovery on their course at Bordon and are better than any recovery mechanic. VM's can do two jobs other than breathe in, breathe out. ::)
Go and get bogged in you boring little tosser.
I bet someone else has to switch your computer on for you because it's too much for your pea brained, shit for brains to understand. Piss off and be a bandie and be more useful. ;D ;D ;D
i read with interest this little squabble, as a VM(A) ive served with Arty and Tank regiments all my career and most of the time served on the ARRV.

Firstly the 578, then Cheiftain cos noone else was interested in it, and lastly CRARRV. In every crew i always got along with the reccy mech, and indeed agree that it is an undervalued job, However, i think most reccy mechs will agree they want a decent VM on their crew. The ones who say they dont and start pulling out the vermin crap obviously are- 1. used to having shit VM's in thier crews or 2. are old school reccy mech full screw wanna be's. :? they are now dying out, the odd sgt/staffy or WORM kicking about but thats about it. likewise with the old A mech VM's.

isnt it time VM's and reccy mechs stuck together?? Surely more effort could be put into abusing Tech's and cellar dwellers etc???

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