Discussion in 'REME' started by RideTheNut, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Have been going through the application process for a while going in as VM and have my start date all sorted in October just thought id start a thread in hope someone can shine some light on the subject that from what i've been told VM A and VM B are no more and that a Universal VM shall be born :worship:.

    Just to hazard a guess of my own this means that during phase 2 you will be taught the all round basics of engineering as standard and then instead of teaching you Either A class vehicles or B you will simply be trained on the vehicle you will be fixing in your first posting. Basically i think a universal means a trip to bordon for a few weeks everytime your re-posted. But i am not even in phase one yet so im just guessing.

    Anyone in the know about this one?
  2. Have they not been doing the u mech thing for a while? You get taught all the basics of engineering, a couple of minutes on B vehs, a few days on the A's and that's you taught.
  3. Equipment courses are the way of doing things now.
  4. ahh to be fair i have been waiting for my job for nearly a year so it probly is already in play and it does seem like a easier way of doing things less time in training more time on the job :dance:
  5. Keep telling yourself that, I am more inclined to go with the training and course program in Bordon turned into a clusterfuck, there was a backlog of people waiting to get loaded etc, the budget has been reduced and so they came up with a solution of shortening the course and think that giving someone a rudimentry basic knowledge of vehicle systems then throwing them out to the masses in the field army to train upto the required standard will work better these days.

    Equipment courses are very basic and give you a very limited breakdown of the veh and systems with some monkey see and monkey do stripping and assembling that tends to be quite ******* pointless in some cases (how stripping down a panther to the chassis then rebuilding it was supposed to help me out at 1st line was beyond me?), if you have very little knowledge or experience to start with then you will struggle as you generally have to work most things out for yourself using AESP's or the software on the laptops most new kit coming in tends to have (another pain in the arse learning to navigate them as well for some kit like CST's or MAN) or if lucky might get an SME civvy who will help you out in theatre when you are really fucked or failing that ring abbey wood and then wait for them to get back to you...
  6. Oh so basically training vm's has just been added to the list of things cocked up by "cuts". yipee :\\\\
  7. That was fucked up years ago, long before any cuts were mentioned
  8. What a fantastic new concept ! Haven't we been down this route before? I became an A mech because I loved working with armour, likewise some of the best b mechs wanted to work on wheeled vehicles, when we were forcibly cross pollenated we didnt really enjoy it, which is still an important part of any job. Im off to invent a round rolling type device.............