VM Skills and quals any good for civvy street?

Ok so im miffed, i am just wondering if any of the quals REME give us guys apart from class 1 course mean much in civvy street? I doubt it very much like, but im just curious. Im wanting to move to Canada so they wont mean anything over there anyway but it will be interesting to see. I joined in 2004 and passed course by 2005 so i hope the quals they give us newbies make anything for us in civvy street. You top brass veteran VM's will probably be laughing your head off now hey lol.

Tar :D
Yeah applying to another country pre class one may be a problem due to lack of quals for your application, but over here i've known a few pre class one VMs get decent jobs on pure experience alone. One of said VMs (good friend of mine) works for Mclaren Racing on the F1 cars in the wind tunnel dept, very nice pay and even nicer company car! Said man even left as a Cfn, but that was partly my fault muhahahaha.
if you want to go "on the tools" in civy street get your class 1!after that its how good a fitter you are.very good fitters are like rocking horse s**t in the plant world.
If you are wanting to go to Canada, try applying for HGV driving jobs. Apparently they need drivers and there is always stuff advertised in the paper. Once you are there then get the quals you need to turn spanners.


Canada is a strange place when it comes to qualifications. If you live (and was educated) in Alberta your qualifications are only recognised in Alberta. If you wanna be a fitter in British Columbia then you have to get the relevant qualifications to work there etc!

Alternatively.... you could always find a Bunny!
If you are wondering about civ quals, speak to SO2 PD at Arborfield on 94251 2711. He is working with employers and colleges to make sure the quals are relevant. Look at the RAJA website to see that Volkswagen recognise them and your other skills.

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