VM Recruiting 2011?

My boy is 16 next month and at the end of last term did a week's work experience in a garage which he took to like a duck to water. This is probably because my old man is a mechanic; the gene missed me, I'm fecking hopeless =|

Anyway, I took him to the ACIO in Greenock so that the local infanteer wouldnt press-gang him into 5 SCOTS and while the bloke was very helpful as regards DVD's and info it all depended on my wee fellah's exam results and his planned school leaving date.

He wants to stay on to complete this school year (Jun 11) by which time he will be 16 years and 9 months.

Will there be slots for VM's next year and how long does the process take?

I'm in Germany at the moment so its a bit hard for me to stay on top of this.

If your stationed over in Germany with your son go into the ACIO in Harewood Barracks Herford Mil 94882 3762 or 004952219953762 (this is a public number before any one says)

Your son can start going through the system at 15 years and seven months so the earlier the better in next month or so as the application process will take some time. If hes looking at VM he would be going to ADC Winchester as Junior entry with Junior courses from September through to March 2011 dependant on what Junior slots they have next year. If hes wanting to go REME he needs at least D grades in English Lang, Maths and science or C grades for tech jobs but the senior recruiter in Hereford will explain all this as they go on his predicted grades till he gets them in August 2011.

Junior entry is from 16 to 17.1 years and tech jobs go to Winchester (23 weeks)and combat jobs plus RLC driver go to Harrogate (42 weeks) then onto phase 2
Cheers for the quick response, The IRON.

He's in Scotland with his mum so I'm not sure how Scottish Standard Grades or whatever theyre called these days equate to GCSEs....

I'll give the boys in Herford a quick call.

Thanks for putting me in the right direction and I'll keep you posted.
Heard through the grapevine, that standards had gone up to "C" grades for all now due to the current ability to pick and choose the best.
Heard through the grapevine, that standards had gone up to "C" grades for all now due to the current ability to pick and choose the best.
That's what they used to be before the foundation course was implemented. The foundation course was introduced as a filter after the grades were dropped to Ds and more people started failing the trade courses.
No standards are the same as you have been directed by Herford ACIO D grades English lang, Maths and Science and C grades for Techs, A_R can you do us a favour mate once you chat to your source ask them to inform Recruiting group of your up to date news so we all know your future plans :)).......as said though it could happen in the future the way current influx in applicants for limited places so you never know.
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