VM NVQ Level 2 ...hardly worth the paper its written on?!

Hi everyone, hope someone can help me

I left the REME in March last year as a class 2 VM (B). I am now living in New Zealand working for a main dealer repairing construction equipment.

The problem I have is that I need to get fully qualified. The certificate I have from the army is an EAL (EMTA Awards Ltd.) NVQ Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations Q1053547. I mean what does 'performing engineering operations' means, it bares no relation to the 6 weeks of Engine technology or Transmissions I did etc at the start of 2006. I have 3 Certificate's of Unit Credit's which either have very basic stuff like 'Fitting using hand skills' or vaige ones saying Engineering maintanance techniques. I also have a Vocationally-Related Qualification/Certificate but it just says Certificate in Engineering and Technology. None of it even mentions an engine or anything to do with automotive.

I do have the REME Certificate of Trade Proficiency with everything written on the back that I did, Engine technology etc. but that is just a bit of paper, rather than something from an official awarding body.

I'm wondering if anyone has left as a Class 2 and is working as a mechanic? either staying as NVQ 2 qualified or geting NVQ 3 qualified. I have shown my certificates to one authority in New Zealand but they just said unfortunatly hardly any of it can be transferred over. I am looking at paying the NZ Qualifications authority about £400 for an official assesment, I just really hope the 6 months of mechanic study I did in Bordon can be recognised so I don't have to completely re-do my Apprenteship.

I have contacted EAL (EMTA Awards Ltd.) to confirm that I have the correct certificates and they said I have. I have also spoke to Training Admin in Bordon ext. 5531, and Diane Richards in Course admin on ext. 5546 but I am not really geting anywhere. Diane did tell me though that a Class 1 mechanic went over to NZ but they did not recognise his qualifications from the army

I feel pretty let down by the REME, if I was a workshop foreman and a prostpective employee came to me and he showed me a certificate saying performing engineering operations I would be like what the hell is this.

If anyone can help me on this it would be really appreciated, or if anyone has a contact for someone in Bordon a bit higher up that could help me? I just want some official recognition for the 6 months training and work experience I did so I can carry on my apprenteship rather than starting all over again.

Thanks a lot
Stu Wilson

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