VM Jobs in Stan

Found this on the RAJA site.

Mechanics (x30)
Job Posted: 21 Sep 09

Job Location: Afghanistan

Job Start Date: TBA - Nov 09

Job Salary: £30,000 - £40,000

An opportunity has arisen for 30 suitably qualified and experienced mechanics, preferably with a military background, to work in Afghanistan. The contract is for 12 months and attracts a gross annual salary of £30,000 - £40,000 plus holiday money for 12 weeks on and 3 weeks off (45 weeks in total) .

Uplift money of between 70% - 80% of Gross Annual Salary; of which 20% is retained by the Contracting company until completion of Contract

The position is in Camp Bastion which is a secure base, some 12sq. miles, with a high street which has most normal shops and restaurants...i.e. Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, laundrettes, banking facilities and cinemas.

All food, accomodation, uniforms and flights are included as is medical care and insurance.

Email raja@reme.org.uk for method of application quoting 09000

All I can say is, that they have done a good job of hiding that Burger King and Cinema out here!
Have you got the original link for that job m8? i'm pretty interested.

Don't bother m8 - I found it! Thanks for the info though I am going to apply for that job.
Please PM me with details of this work, A mech by trade but run B shops and worked in them foir the last 4 years, out in 9 months, need work! Yes I am an Artisan.
What is the kit to be worked on?Where it is , is not a factor, tour experience, yes I would say so, joined in 88 and been everywhere we have had a problem since.
Traz, the email address for the info on the job is at the bottom of the first post.
Hopefully there is no eye test for the job eh? :)
F**k all at Leatherneck except a small px. The garage being built at mo in Bastion in KBR will be recruiting VM's to service all UK heavy transport instead of shipping it back to UK for service. The build won't be complete till june/july 2010 so don't know what this mob is recruiting for???

They might have it confused with KAF, all those facilities there and a few more.
What does it mean by uplift money? Does that mean that you will get 70-80% of your salary in addition to the gross salary quoted?

£30-40k sounds a bit low for this kind of work compared with the other jobs I have seen advertised.

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