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VM Gloves

What is the top feature needed in a VM Glove?

  • Oil Protection

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tactility

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Protection from bumps and knuckle rash

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Thermal & Waterproof

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Heat, Flash, Flame resistant

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

As promised in the Load carriage and clothing thread I may be able to look at a suitable glove for VMs (if one exists).

Not being a VM (by VM I mean and oil based, nut turning, confined space, knuckle scrapping sort of person; so some Recy Mechs etc fit the bill) I need some guidance on what are the most important features. I only want feedback on a potential REME\VM glove not combat gloves or contact gloves which are swept up in the general infantry requirement of all soldiers.

Choose the top feature in the poll and feel free to specify the next few, in order, in any message.

Also what length is favoured, just up to the wrist, just paste or gauntlet type?

Finally would you wear it or will any 'decent dermatitis ridden mechanic' alway use his\her unshod hands
The issued contact gloves were alright. There are already barriers of protection, i.e. barrier cream, nitrile gloves, issued gloves. Fingerless gloves are already out there.

I think the need has to be established for a VM Glove, which I do not think exists.
Four fingers and a thumb on each hand,except if you're from a certain town on Oxfordshire(where apparently someone rode a c0ck horse to the cross) in which case you need an extra finger on each hand.
I am sure I saw a mechanics glove which offered a fair degree of protection from burns and heat. I´ll have to see if I can find it again.
It’s good to see the VMs getting looked after all these years. I would suggest two options be made available in any future design. The first would be fingerless to allow the Tiffy and any desk ridden tradesmen to type easier and the second would be padded fingers to allow those who two finger type to have a bit of impact protection. The six finger option as previously mentioned as well as a webbed design would cover all VM genetic defects. Looking forward to doing bad things to the first pair I find.

In my job as a fitter we use Ansell Hyflex gloves, they are very good and i think would be ideal for a VM. The contact gloves were ok but no good for delicate jobs and they always used to be taken off, the gloves i use now are very good.

They could be kept in the G10 stores and issued as needed, ours usually last a week or so depending how oily and grimy your getting.
I go through gloves like they are going out of fashion. I use them for all repair work and especially rigging cranes. I have found these two brands to be of the best quality



I have no idea where you would get hold of them in the UK i stock up everytime i go to the USA.

I tried the Snap-on ones.... they were very expensive and they fell to bits. (I expected a little more form Snap-On to be honest)

I wish i knew these gloves existed when i was serving, they are worth every penny, and if i remember correctly the Wells Lamont brand already do them in DPM


Four fingers and a thumb on each hand,except if you're from a certain town on Oxfordshire(where apparently someone rode a c0ck horse to the cross) in which case you need an extra finger on each hand.

Sounds like burnley and blackburn!
TB i know these are extremely good i have used them before myself.

What you have got to look at for your average VM is...

If they are on the 1157 they are very likely to get lost and not used, more expensive ones will be a 1 time issue and will need to be cleaned and that will mean they get lost or not used at all.

The ones i use are throw away, they could be issued on an as needed basis which would encourage VM's to go to the stores, have a smoke on the way and then get on with the job. The problem the MOD will say is cost, and the G10 storeman having enough in stock to cover his VM's etc.. stores are for storing after all.

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