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Discussion in 'REME' started by Derby 1992, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question. I was told and know to the best of my knowledge that I will be doing my basic training at Pirbright (Joining as a VM) but I've seen a couple of times on here other lads saying they do theirs at Bassingbourne. I was just wondering if VM's are sent to both places for basic training, or have I been told wrong that I'm going to Pirbright?

    I passed selection etc with the knowledge that I was going to Pirbright. It doesn't make a difference to me just a bit confused.

  2. get used to it, move now grid to follow
  3. As far as i am aware, you will be going to Bassingbourn
  4. OK cheers, I started my application form last February and was given all the information around the end of March. I have to go in to the careers office on the 7th of February to do my disclosure forms so I'll ask my recruiting officer then.

  5. Depending on where Recruiting Group allocate the bed spaces it could be Bassingbourn or Pirbright......it will more than likely be Bassingbourn though.

    Just wait to see if you get allocated firstly then your recruiter will inform you where you going once allocated.

  6. OK cheers, I've already been allocated my start date (3rd of April) but nothing was mentioned of any changes.
  7. Yes your start date is 03/04/2011 at Bassingbourn, due to finish 07/07/2011 and phase 2 is due to start at Bordon on 18/07/2011 if all goes well.

    The only REME VM places so far at Pirbright are for female intakes for 2011/2012 but places can be adjusted by Recruiting group through the year.

    Edited to add your Recruiter will pass all this info onto you at pre docs stage.
  8. OK cheers for the help!
  9. so are you training at bassinbourne now because i am too and if so what week you in