VM (b) or Armourer???

Discussion in 'REME' started by nitrox121, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. im a crafty at SEME reg n still debating what trade to go into... (jus done my basic skills n waiting on starting a foundation course)
    im sure everyones had this argument over which trade is best just thought id ask you guys who have probably been in and experienced alot more than me in these trades...
    just wondered the benefits for both for the future n stuff like that

  2. Well I'll jump in before any smelly VM's :twisted:

    I am enjoying it, just transfered in, wish I'd done it years ago, altho for the future maybe armourer wasnt the wisest choice, not much civvi work in a anti gun culture like ours. However I'll just stay in as long as I can!

    you dont say what stage you are at in SEME, have you done foundation yet? you need to get a certain score in bench fighting to be considered for armr.

    from a work point of view, the VM's work bloody hard, and its pretty constant, finish one job and you are straight onto the next.
    As an armr its different, one minute up to your ears, next making brews or doing h&s boards etc

    the above opinions are mine alone, and should not be relied upon to influence the next 22 yrs of your life!!!
  3. Armourers are God's chosen.

    There are no Armourers in hell
    There are VM's, Queers and Tiffies,
    But there are no Armourers in Hell.

  4. I edited your quote simply because all the batty boys should stick together dont you think?
    You can all prance around in your brown dust coats together! :wink:
  5. Retrade go to arborfield, become an ECE. And enjoy god like status with the birds. And we drink more than the vm's

  7. God like status with the birds! is that when your feeding them bird seed? Also drinking more than VM's, you must have been in some good units to be sure of that statment.
  8. I think he means in the naafi bar at Arborfield with the naafi chicks, as i cant recall any bars that let warhammer players to have their "game meets" As for the drinking i wonder if he is talking about when maggie thatcher made the ECE's exempt from the free milk ban at break times...?
  9. FCUKING hell Spanner and Man_in_the_corner your in agreement for once, you'll be swopping spit and doing a Mexican Bum W*nk soon, well as long as you find a Tech's rosey ARRSE to shove the bog paper up. Ive changed the heading a bit to A Mech or Armourer we wouldnt want the young lad to be a SQUATTER would we Spanner :wink:
  10. That 'B' Mech posting must be getting to you, Iron :wink: knowing about the Mexican stuff.
  11. FRG at 12 Armd wksps taught me a lot of useful things :wink:
  12. Unfortunately you have now given him a solid argument IRON as everyone knows that 'A'mechs cant drink for toffee! :wink:
  13. How many years do you have to be a vm for before you can actually handle your drink? Or is it just the influx of 18 year old chavs kicking around SEME these days with their baseball caps perched on the top of their heads.
  14. Its a case of Wait till you get to your first unit (hopefully a german First posting so you cant escape home at weekends) Then get educated with a very good fitter section. Unfortunately when I was last in Germany four years ago a lot of the singlies seem to drive back to the UK at weekends instead of the traditional Burger run (Hamburg) or trips to Enchede, Ede and Amsterdam we always did in the late 80's/90's.

    But as a responsible senior I wouldnt encourage young lads to drink anyway.
  15. What? are there no chavs in your wargaming club? I bet if you went to the bar you might find some new members...