VM B or A

Discussion in 'REME' started by JstJake, May 13, 2007.

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  1. I've been offerd vm B or A as a trade and am not entierly sure which route to follow. which would be best for civy street?

    I'm sure there are pros and cons for them both but overall...which ones better??
  2. just found another thread already dedicated to this very topic....how foolish of me..

    sorry for wasting space. :(
  3. you're only wasting space if you become a VM A :D
  4. There speaks a sqatting to Pi$$ B mech....
  5. It is far better than VM-ing by numbers; pack out pack in, change the final drive...

    And I wipe myself afterwards!
  6. Ignore the squabbling girlies JJ, it's been going on forever.

    It depends what you think you might want to do when you get out. Heavy plant/heavy engineering etc then go A mech. If light/motor vehicles is your bag then B may be better. All in all I think that experience gained as an A mech will put more meat on a CV. If you stay in long enough and progress to Artificer then isn't quite so relevant, as you would probably end up managing both trade disciplines.

    Whilst you are in though, you will probably find A mech gives you more opportunities and opens up more postings.

    I was a B mech, and was still classed as such after I did a conversion course...some initiative REME Records had about everone becoming VM(U).

    Friendly banter and slagging off aside....i think you'll find B mechs are a bit more civilised (and clean)......basically someone a girl could introduce to her parents without the fear that he would punch her dad and sh1t in her mum's handbag :wink:
  7. Show a b mec a tank and watch them turn to jelly on the spot, squat, then wet there nickers!

    Show a A mec any thing with an engine and watch him repair it with style and finesse. While not bitching that "its not a A vehicle"

    The diffrence is A mecs just get on with it b mecs dont.

    And another point i know a A mec who failed his class one 4 years ago...

    He is still serving AS A b MEC
  8. Never seen a thing with an engine, on your other point you still don't tell us if he passed.

    Make your own mind up, just think of the 22 year point and how many tanks or things, there are in Civi street.
  9. Stand in front of a mirror, drop pants, look for lots of hair. If found go A if not go B. Simple.
  10. Started off as a B mech 19 years ago, saw the light changed to A mech, attatched to Engineers and was C mech back to A vehicles and currently back as a B mech unit. As previously stated above doing A mech in basic probably gives you more posting opportunity but when you do get posted it doesnt matter what you are you could get posted anywhere. In the B mech post Im at at the moment there is probably 25% A mechs there. Got to have the banter and by the end of the day we are all the same. My last A mech post of Armd inf there was lots of B mechs who nearly had a heart attack when you said go and look at the Warrior.
    By the end of the day its the same principle an engine is an engine, gearbox is a gearbox, motor is a motor its just bigger and more difficult to get at in armour. SEME will make the final decision followed by MCM Div regarding posting so if your going for ADSC at the moment just know the differences between the two and lenght of course at SEME. Enjoy
    ps for those squatters out there have a nice day :twisted:
  11. the skills picked up working on tanks are easilt transferable for working on heavy plant if you want to go down that route,theres a lot more money involved repairing heavy plant than there is with smaller vehicles.its a personal choice.

    edited for being illiterate!
  12. If your going through your selection process at the moment I would think of better ways of putting your case forward for going for VMA or VMB. If you said to me as the recruiter or PSO that you wanted a job which is best for civvy street you wouldnt make it through ADSC. Have good reasons :D
  13. How the Fukc do you fail a class 1? Othe than on purpose if you are a retard.
  14. there was a course in front of me in 93 who all failed the kremlin if i REMEMBER RIGHT because they used the pencil (cuts) and cheat sheets. Unfortunately just before they were given the exam they swopped papers. :boogie:
  15. The Boy was a retard got as far as cvrt kept failing it, so they said you have passed enough to be a b mec and sent him on his way, god help any unit that got him! i just cant recall his name but he drove a yellow skoda pick up. It was about 3 to 4 years ago now.