VM (A) trade training.

Discussion in 'REME' started by bawbag, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. I've only just found out that new A mechs leaving Bordon aren't being taught AFV 430 or CVR(T) as part of their basic courses. Does anyone else think that this is a ridiculous state of affairs?
  2. I think that Bull dog should now be taught, as i heard that 43's are getting replaced, and CVR(T) should still be taught because its being used more and more, with units moving into the lighter role.
  3. They haven't been taught light A's for years. 430 mk 3 (Bulldog) and CVR(T) are only bloody skate boards anyway and as stated in a previous thread, they are very basic and any VM should be able to fault diagnose and repair very easily.
    VM's in my opinion need to spend more time on the new complex kit, whether it be A or B.
    We should also spare a thought for the poor sods using them in the firing line when we are fragging them for their EC. We are not infallable either.
  4. Tell that to the FRT commander who had never changed a TN15 before. It took his crew over 24 hours to complete their task.
  5. I as "old git A Mech Artisan Staffy" got taken to a task by landrover as the team that deployed there had a Cheiftain Final Drive, A Final Drive Sling and no idea how to fit the sling, final drive and tank together........
  6. 430 was not taught to me on Basics at Bordon. I became qualified VMB(E)*,(the * denoted 430 trained)back in those days by working on these units in an Infantry Bn LAD for a couple of months.
  7. Fellas lets face the truth here. While VT run SEME they will never teach to the standard they should. Its purely a numbers game to them. If they push the right numbers through the system they get paid, if they don't they probably still get paid anyway but shouldn't.
    When the contractor is allowed to authenticate/validate their own training and output standards why should they bother what standard they push out as long as the books balance?
    In the real world what other contractor is allowed to train students and then validate those students to make sure they are to the required standard? Not good buisness practice, but thats how we do things in the military.

    Things won't change until we get serving SNCO's instructing students as in the good old days. Get rid of the has beens and get serving and current VM's in there. Why not use soldiers on the new VEng at the 22 year point with all that experience to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Makes sense to me, but probably won't happen cos someone is on a backhander.
  8. Top idea A Mech, but who's going to pay for it?
  9. To be honest I dont think it matters, Because any training they do get is just forgotten by the time they get to there 1st unit. With the lack of a sufficient level of training these cuts probably wont make any difference.
    Vma Training will always be Complete @ unit level turning gobby nieve young crafties into Vm's.
  10. wont matter all that much soon anyway, heard a nasty rumour that the basic course is being reduced to 12 weeks! :thumbdown: Hopefully same will happen with class 1, cos i cant be arrsed spendin 10 months in Bordon again!
  11. I take it you dont use scrapers and engineers blue anymore then during trade training?

    Gawd, we used to gaze longingly at the files and hacksaws hanging up on the shadow boards. Then reality struck home that we had another 3 months with those damn scrapers before we would be allowed to touch a hacksaw.

    Even then it was limited use.

    We used to get up before we went to bed and our dad would cut us in two with a bread knife if we were lucky.....

    Pip pip
  12. I think his point is the fact the money we throw at Vosper (with its obvious failings), could be better spent on utilising VEng blokes (late, The Estate Warden Massive Pay Society who spout "You're carpets are mucky, that will be 35K per annum please"). This would lead to better prepared Tradesmen and an improved current trade capability and in the interest of the treasury, a balancing of the books.

    This might not go down to well with the Ex REME blokes at Bordon, who look on SEME as a cash cow, but hey, there's only 100,000 people in the Army, the rest of the country seem to get on and support mortgages/family/jobs in a half decent manner.