VM(A) or VM(B)

Discussion in 'REME' started by LopTheFlop, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I intend to join the REME as a VM, however I really don't know the difference between VM(A) and VM(B), can anyone out there shed any light on the subject?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Basically a VM(A) is trained to repair Tracked Vehicles, and a VMB(B) ,wheeled vehicles and FV430 series.
  3. VM(A) is the way ahead, you get to work on bigger things like warrior and challenger 2 whilst also you get the same training as a B mech. :thumright:
  4. Agree with what Brew_boy is saying here, join as an A Mech. Work on Challenger 2, Warrior, AS90, Trojan and Titan when they replace AVLB and AVRE and you will benefit from the same quals but also you will recieve a wider scope for postings with Inf Bn's and Armd Regts.

    The only downside i would honestly say is that as an A Mech your legs hurt more when you visit the gents as you stand up to pish. :numberone:

  5. You said it, squat mechs, :threaten: :yawnstretch:
  6. I am very surprised it took as many as 3 replies for the "Squat to piss" statement to come out. Im an "A" Mech to, so i do agree with this statment. I think its all a bit blured now, as Im an "A" Mech with Cheiftain and Warrior experiance serving in a light role Inf Bn (Wolf's and Daf's). But its all good fun!!!! :headbang:
  7. Thats where A mechs are more versitile as when get trained on more types of epuipment like L/R and Daf.
  8. A mech = ARRSE MECH
    B mech = BETTER MECH

    A Mech or crane opperator? :lol:

  9. Whatever, yuo keep telling yourself that and it will come true, maybe, lol
  10. I started out life an an A mech but soon saw the light. I probably had one too many cases of GUE knee. Sorry!!!

    It depends on whether you want to be green or not, 3 Commando Bde and 16 Air Assualt Brigade don't do A vehicles, apart from the BARRV at Chivenor. Unless of course you classify CVRT's as an A vehicle. Apologies to HCR.

    My advice would be to go with either choice, nothing is ever set in concrete.You could always change your mind.
  11. I dont think it matters if your A or B, if your a good VM, arm your self with an adjustable and hammer and you can fix anything!!!
  12. If you like VMing and solving problems, B mech's the way ahead, if you like taking big lumps out of oily hulls and replacing them with a slightly cleaner big lump (not very technical) then A mech's for you. :thumleft:
  13. was an "a " mech now i work on cranes,i,ve still got my old "a" mech spanners,big man spanners not girlie squat mech efforts!!! :headbang:
  14. [/b] :headbang: Im off back to a tank unit from a light role inf unit, quite looking forward to gettin back to Armour, but it isnt half easy at a "b" veh unit. Hardest thing is keeping up with the bloody MEI's and 6msi's!
  15. Go Tech. Far better than A or B Mechs...

    Who will be the first to reply...?!!? heh heh!!