VM(a) and VM(b)

Discussion in 'REME' started by Twyman, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi. I finally start my phase 1 training on the 13th of August at Pirbright - And then after that, I'll be going to Bordon to start my trade, which for me, will be a VM. I was just wondering a couple of things.

    1. When will I make the decision of which faction I want to do? (VM(a), or a Vm(b)).

    2. What is the more challenging/versatile?


    3. Say I chose to be a VM(a) - Will I still be able to mess around with smaller vehicles as well?

    The point of the trade for me, is to be able to not only enjoy my work, but to be able to use the skills I learn outside of work, for recreation, say.

    Any help on the matter would be most appreciated.
  2. Well done for choosing a great trade and without doubt a great career. I am not up to date on recent procedures but I believe you will get a visit from the staff at SEME, you get to make you preference then, but learn this phrase “the needs of the service” will decide what you do, also any posting preference you may have.

    As for A or B both offer an interesting and versatile opportunity to become a able engineer, but think of this, you are not going to be in the Army for ever you need to think about what you will export from you Army experiences into Civi street. That may help you decide, but you could just go and have a cracking good time with some first class mates and deal with that problem when it comes along

    as for messing around i think you may be a bit pushed for time
  3. Fella,
    VMa and VMb overlap each other whereas a VMb supposedly works on all b vehicles and the likes of smaller afv vehicles like 432, cvrt and bulldog a VMa works on all afv vehicles and the likes of the smaller b vehicles like L/Rover and Daf (dont worry if no idea what the names mean as will learn with time).
    Both A and B offer their own challenges depending on what kit you work on, though admittedly as befeater says 'needs of service' decide a lot of stuff for you. You may well choose to be a [spit] 'A' mech and get posted to a challenger unit, but upon getting there put into HQ coy and end up working on the b vehicles. Also depends on the units you go to, you may well end up never touching some of the kit that you thought you would work on.B mechs also have a wider choice of postings than A mechs though you can still get posted to each type of unit regardless.
    With regards to the future i would look at getting as many different qualifications that you can, that give more options for civvy street. For me personally spannering is just something to fall back on and when i am 40 i dont want to be getting my hands dirty if i dont have to.
    If you find the idea of working on tanks exciting and though i hate to admit it you get more appreciation due to the fact that you work with the crews then go 'A' mech. If you wish to work on 'B' vehicles and get a chance to work on some of the newer large kit coming out like oshkosh and the new trucks (brain fart will have to edit later for the names) then go 'B' mech. There is always banter and i have no doubt The_IRON will be along later to call me a squat to p1ss or some such due to the fact that i am a 'B' mech. But i have been 'u' mech and 'a' mech and decided that 'b' was the way ahead for me, for you i would hope you get your own chance to choose as not sure how they do it these days, like befeater said may be needs of service.
    When you go to first unit just take the sh1tty jobs thrown at you, dont gob off and learn what you can, also try to use common sense and work your way through a problem if you are given a task/job learn to think for yourself. For me it is a bit irritating when i get asked 'how do i get this off etc' when all that needs to done is sit back and look at it and think it through.If first unit is a REME BN then just think it is only 3 years and volunteer for everything that will get you away from the unit. Good luck whatever choice you make fella.
  4. As my dear Squat to p*ss friend says :wink:

    Spannerspankers exactly right with whats said here youve chosen a great trade and it doesnt matter in some respect if you go A or B mech you can get changed around at any time. I had a role reversal to S_S as such and started off as a B mech did my class 1 on a U mech course and changed to a A mech afterwards. You might get the option during phase 1 but also might just get bunged on whichever course anyway, you'll still learn the trade but its when you get you your units where the bulk of your learning comes. Enjoy it but dont do it just thinking its a trade for when I get out, Ill leave in a few years time when Im 40 but hopefully wont pick up a spanner up for employment but look at the other skills Ive gained over the 22 years I did in the REME. Good luck to you enjoy and now Ive said a few good words for S_S ill need to go and have a lie down im feeling faint. :D
  5. Thanks alot guys - That really clears it all up for me - And knowing this, I will definately go for a VMa position! Just glad that the duties overlap. And the training looks more extensive for a VMa anyway (Cheers for that link mate - I should of looked a little harder for that one eh, haha).

    Well, I have done my attestation, and got my train ticket...Just got to wait til Monday for phase 1!

    Again, thanks a lot guys; much appreciated!
  6. Good luck in phase 1 it will be hard at times but muck in with the rest of the lads and do what your told and you will do well.
  7. At present they are loading more vm b course (than gods chosen men) vm a, at SEME. Some of the potential vm a's are being persuaded to go vm b.
    The up side is that you will get on a course quicker if you go vm b. If you chose vm a, you could be waiting quite a while for a course, i think 1 in every 4 courses is vm a.
    eithert way hope you enjoy your time in the Corp, and you will get to work on most of the kit in service no matter which trade you choose.
  8. tyman, Just thinking did you get a golden hello when you told them you wanted to be a VM?
    If its not to personal how much? (just interested). My son got £500 for wanting to be a reccey mech they pay up at the end of phase 2 (or they did until JPA)
  9. Recy Mechs get them so do RE fitter generals but you cant get a golden hello just as a REME VM normal entry.

    If you have a NVQ level 3 in motor vehicles the REME PSO could grant you a golden hello I believe it was £1500 last year. There are a few other ones for different CEG's that Recruiting Group change occassionally for pinch point trades.

    Thank you for reminding me about the Recy Mech golden hello as I had a couple of applicants who would be passing phase 2 now who said theyd get me a beer in once passed. :roll:
  10. alright mate, good choice in choosing the reme, and being a vm is an added bonus. i chose vm (b) as i thought i would focus on smaller vehicles as tracked vehicles never interested me but you will get a chance to work on tracked depending on what unit you go to. the vm (a) course is slightly longer and you cover everything a vm(b) covers. i got my choice when i tipped up at seme bordon as we never had a visit at pirbright. i would highly reccomend vm (b) as i am a vm(b) but its solely what you want to get from the trade.
    good luck in basic and dont pack it in after exercise two. it gets easier after that, and its all breeze anyway. look forward to seeing ya.