Vladimir Putin's girly motorcade

"....the video has exposed the road trip as a giant Soviet-style propaganda exercise. For a start, it showed that Mr Putin had not taken one but three identical yellow Ladas with him in case anything went wrong. To make matters worse, one of the yellow cars was pictured travelling on the back of a breakdown truck, fuelling speculation that the Russian prime minister had to switch cars due to technical problems. Indeed, the sight of the apparently stricken Lada sent the astonished group of motoring enthusiasts into paroxysms of contemptuous laughter"

"Then there was the small matter of the sheer size of the convoy. By the time it had passed, Mr Putin’s image as an edgy pioneer exploring a remote corner of Russia was in pieces. Gob smacked witnesses said they lost count after the one hundredth vehicle. There were police cars, four-wheel drive jeeps, ambulances, fire engines, mobile trailers, and coach-loads of backup staff."

What will Russian voters make of Vladimir Putin's girly motorcade? – Telegraph Blogs

We laugh at your girly motorcade!

Real men wear lycra.

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