Vladimir Klitschko versus Chris Byrd

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I've just had an opportunity to have a butcher's at the vid of the fight last night. My dear (Italian) wife recorded it for me, since I wasn't sure I'd be there to do it. Bizniss 'n' such, y'know? Although her: Dissa Kallichako issa a verry bigga man" made me wonder a bit.

Having been an amateur boxer myself for many years, I was extremely impressed by Klitschko's ringcraft, hand-speed and boxing skills. It's certainly not something I'd have expected from someone as big as he is.

Chris Byrd, on the other hand, seemed to be very much slower than I remember him from previous fights, and, I expect to be corrected here by people who know much more about boxing than I do, but he appeared to adopt completely false tactics in the fight. If I'd been him (but I only fought from Lightweight up to Welterweight), I'd have bent down low, gone for the body and then aimed for the head - but I may be wrong. Maybe all the different weight classifications have to fight on different bases.

The fight did make me wonder what would've been the outcome of a bout between Lennox Lewis and Valdimir Klitschko, as opposed to his brother, Vitali.


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