VJ Day at Duxford

Cracking idea Poppy.....

Duxford is always worth a visit, more especially on this occasion. A worthy cause indeed.

Will we be seeing you there in retro-uniform-type garb???

It's not my fault my uniform is retro - we have to make do and mend you know!
I won't be there unfortunately as I have no transport - unless anyone is going from the London area?
I'm actually rather fond of your uniform......

Can't help on the transport front, not able to make it myself and would be travelling in the opposite direction if I was!!

There must be some others going??

We used to take Grandad there for his sqn’s annual reunion, till he popped his clogs, though from the dwindling numbers each year it would seem that he was one of the last. A great museum, as already said, it should be a great day out for those who can make it.
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