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Whilst trying to extract a fairly troublesome curry i consumed recently, I decided to spend the time between wincing and reaching for the babywipes wisely - I had a good scan through a few back-issues of Viz.

I cannot believe I missed this classic in Rogers Profanisaurus:

gordon and tony euph. Amusing and satirical way of referring to a lady's pleasure holes, because it's a cunt next door to an arsehole.

Viz. Base humour at its finest!

When I get out, i fully intend to use my resettlement to become 8 Ace............


8 Ace has become my unsung hero.

Roger Mellie
Sid the Sexist
Fat Slags
Terry Fcukwit
Drunken Bakers
Biffa Bacon
Finbarr Saunders

The list goes on - and i've met them all! (or at least their body and character doubles,in various regiments!)

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