Viva Las Vegas

I,m planning a trip over to vegas at the end of the month for ten days , and would any one recommend hotels and things to do so i,m not gambling the whole time .
Go there fairly regularly myself, quite often with first timers, so I know what leaves people open mouthed.

How old are you? How active are you? Who are you there with (solo, mates, missus, kids?) and what's your price range?

In the mean time. Take a look at Expedia and for hotels. My personal recommendations are:

5* Bellagio/Venetian (avoid the Wynn)
4* Luxor (v. good deals available right now) Planet Hollywood (formerly Aladdin- pay the extra $30 for the fountain view rooms) MGM
3* Stratosphere, Excalibur (if you're with kids and at £25 a night per room midweek you can't really go wrong)

You might want to consider getting out of Vegas on the weekends. The place does get overwhelming over after a few days anyway but the place gets packed and hotel prices triple. Consider somewhere like San Fran. Right now you can get a return flight LAS-SFO for around £75 (book at least 2 weeks in advance.
cheers , was thinking about staying in the green valley resort , going with the girlfreind where in our early 20,s and don,t want to go on the sauce every night .
but if ya know any good bars / clubs feel free to drop me a line
Ok, loads of handy advice for you.

First and foremost, somewhere to shoot at things!! The Gun Store
You can fire all kinds of weapons here, it looks like a normal shop but has an indoor shooting range at the back, you just go in, pick a weapon thats on the wall, tell them how many mags you want, and they take you round the back and let you crack on. We fired an Colt Commando ( I think ), a MP5, and uzi and........ a Sten with a sight on the top, fantastic. Plus you get to pick a target of either Saddam or Osama ( the former is maybe a bit old hat by now ). You could, if you are strange, choose to fire an SA80, funnily enought the bloke said no one ever chose it. If you tell them you are Brit Mil, they will love you. Probably.

The Green Ranch Valley looks good, however, it is a wee bit far away, and being honest with you, its better to be within walking distance of places, or a wee bit close at least. You'll probably find Vegas has an interesting habit of sucking money out of your pockets ( regardless of whether you gamble ) and taking taxis to and from somewhere that far out will cost a fortune over that period of time. Unfortunately tipping is a must, and tends to add about 10% onto everything you pay for. Unless you are a tight cnut. But if you stiff people out there, stand by to be growled at. We always stay at New York New York, right in the middle of the chaos and seconds away from most other good casinos/hotels, areas of nonsense. However, baring in mind you want to be a wee bit away, I would say the hotel Rio is good, again, a few nightclubs and plenty bars, but located just off Strip, so easily accessible. Rio even has a Scottish theme bar, tis pump though.

Right, attractions. I would say it would be a great idea to hire a car, easily done from hotels or the airport, good things to see are Hoover Dam ( 30 miles away ), Red Rock Canyon ( good hiking territory and rattlesnakes, just west of Vegas ), Mount Charleston ( 30 mins drive or so west ), Lake Mead ( about 30 miles sw of Vegas ). Do a google search for each and take it from there, as you can see, you've got foresty mountains to the northwest, a lake with watersports to the southeast and hiking territory to the west, so all tastes are catered for.

However!!! You'll probably not bother your arse with the above because going on the ming in Vegas will grab you by the nuts.

First stop should be Mandalay Bay hotel, Great bar/nightclub called Rum Jungle in there, plus the hotel is good for cutting about in, also has other bars and nightclubs, but we always get drawn to Rum Jungle like moths to a flame. Another must hotel is Palms. It has a mega nightclub with flame throwers round the dance floor, but the best bit of this hotel is the Ghost Bar,
Have a look for yourself, what a place, you'll probably see celebs there ( if thats your thing ). Brittney was apparently on the piss here the night she got married, it may be difficult to get in, but if you're kilted up with the whole bow tie caboodle, straight in!!
Another must is the Hard Rock Hotel, on a Sunday, the whole pool area ( vast ) turns into a club at about midday, we went there straight after my mate got married.
You may find yourself overcome with the need to knock out one of the many throbbers that go there, nice chicks though.

Almost all the hotels have nightclubs and bars, so apart from the above hotels ( and the bars and clubs mentioned in them which are a must ) just try various places, such as Tequila Joes on the Strip.

Food wise, you'll have no bother, everywhere you go, they'll ram scoff down your neck, just be advised, don't bother ordering a starter.....ever, you won't need it.

Couple of other things, are the rollercoaster things on top of the Stratosphere, guaranteed to make you poo your pants,
and the display outside Bellagio ( as seen in Oceans Eleven, missus will love it ). Just wander past at night.

Plus theres a million and one shows you can see. I think I've covered everything, but if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Just remembered, you can make it to the Grand Canyon and back in a day by car, hell of a drive. Its about 280 miles from Vegas to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We got up early, drove there, looked over the edge, thought mega, got in the car and drove back. Alternatively, you could take a plane/helicopter trip from Vegas, but they tend to spank in quite often.

Can I come instead of your missus
discount at
eaglerider to hire harleys
gilleys at new frontier if not closed by then
hogs n heifers downtown
coast hotels barbary was best (now bills gambling hall and saloon) bellagio fountain views without the prices
ask at most places for mil discount as nellis air force base not far away lots of places give it dont be afraid to tell others are mill scams loads of free stuff
book hire car over tinternet its cheaper
love place went three times last year any questions pm me

Me and my new wife just got back from Vegas, we had a fantastic time, we stayed in the Mandalay Bay, which was a great hotel. No real issues with it, apart from the beach, yes the beach, was crowded. A really superb hotel tho.

As far as entertainment and things to do, take your pick. Google shows Las Vegas and you will be amazed at what is going on. We went to see Celine Dion at Caesars, which was a bit wet and girly, and also the legend that is Barry manilow at the Hilton, he knocked the socks off the bird Dion.

We helicoptered to the Grand Canyon, an excellent day out, a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. ( @ £130 each)

The heat was around 110 - 115 all week, so we utilised the monorails during the day. There is a bus that take you up and down the strip during the day for about 5 dollars all day.

The Rum Jungle is mint, we also went to Hard Rock and studio 54 in the MGM.

Whatever you do, keep an open mind and see as much as you can!

You never mentioned how you're getting there, so if you haven't already booked flights have a look at ... my favourite airline!

Limited schedule to LAS at the moment ... 3 flights a week only until 1 Sep, when they add a 4th.

At that stage they also add SFO to their network, 4 times a week.
cheers guys , i,m sorted with travel arrangments .

still undecided on a hotel either green valley ranch , new york new york or mgm grand .

def up for going to the range ( just to laugh at her )
snow patrol concert
hopkins fight
rum jungle ( since its been mentioned a couple of times )
ghost bar ( just a question on the clubs , is it a nightmare to get in ? )

any other places ya,s might think of ?

any top tips for utilising your MOD90 discounts etc ...
kc1982kc said:
any top tips for utilising your MOD90 discounts etc ...
Always ask ... simple as that.

"Do you do military discount" ... practice that phrase, along with "Have a Nice Day" and calling all Americans "Sir" or "Ma'am". You'll be fluent in no time! :wink:
Hi, My wife and I got married in Las Vwegas last September. We stayed at the Bellagio and had a great view of the fountains. It was excellent.

The steak house in the Bellagio is excellent and well worth the vist!

We ate in different hotels each night, it was great. Luxor is a dump and can be avoided.

If your other half is like me and wants to go shopping, try the designer discount village, its near the stratosphere Its really great value for money. So are some of the shops in the casinos, I bough some leathermans for less than half the price here.

If you are a Trekkie there is a star wars ride in one of the hilton hotels, we did not bother but by all accounts its amazing.

We also went to the Cirque du Soleil show in the bellagio and the Blue man group. there are ticket booths on the strip if you dont mind queuing to get 2 for 1 deals.

We also did the tits and feathers show and that was also good!

Have a great time
cheers romach ,
the 2ic wants to know the name of the shopping place .

ps, no i,m not a trekkie they are weird little men

avoid the fashion mall and the outlet centre go off strip to the shopping centres there (but not the one past mandalay bay) as these are more for locals ie cheaper last time went bought a suit that was $129 but in fasion mall on strip it was $325 remember if you do anything on strip that involves money you can get it for a third of price not to far away

or you could just say i am a tight yorkshireman!!!!!!!!
kc1982kc said:
cheers guys , i,m sorted with travel arrangments .

still undecided on a hotel either green valley ranch , new york new york or mgm grand .
if you go for ny ny - ask for a room well away from the rollercoaster - some rooms can get it quite loud going past every few minutes.
lawsom34 said:
avoid the fashion mall and the outlet centre go off strip to the shopping centres there (but not the one past mandalay bay) as these are more for locals ie cheaper last time went bought a suit that was $129 but in fasion mall on strip it was $325 remember if you do anything on strip that involves money you can get it for a third of price not to far away

or you could just say i am a tight yorkshireman!!!!!!!!
Do ya have any names for places outside the strip ?
I had no idea there was a Hogs and Heiffers had a Vegas franchise. The NYC original is a fcuking nut house and a hell of a time (it was the orginal inspiration for Coyote Ugly). Your missus should expect to part with her bra there.

Agreed that Green Valley(in Henderson, NV- Google Earth it) is a bit out of the way. You might want to consider splitting your time. Do Green Valley on the weekend to chill for a couple of days and be on the strip during the week. A good way of seeing the Bellagio fountains is to get a room at Planet Hollywood (formerly The Aladdin) and ask for a fountain view room(some websites like expedia allow you to book it directly from $130 a night). Spent one evening in with the Doris, just sat on the mahusive window sill, quaffing champagne and watching the shows (different each time) every 15 mins.

If you are uner 25, be prepared for a $20/day supplement at the car hire place.

Agreed on Rum Jungle and Rehab is a great way to spend a Sunday. I seem to recall a cheeky little cognac bar in Paris too if you want something more laid back.

My favorite restaurant in Vegas is the Commander's Palace. It's run by the same people that own the New Orleans original and although, prices are a little steep (for the States) you won't find better Cajun/Creole food outside Louisiana.

As for the range, always good fun. If you're with the lads it's good for a little wager and civvy Dorii always get a bit moist after getting a few rounds down. You're looking at about $25 per 25rds for 5.56/7.62 (M-16, AK, Minimi) and $40 per 50rds for 9mm/.45 (and from there the choice is, quite frankly, silly.)
went there a while back on R&R from batarrse.....stayed on the strip at a place called "Ballys" and could mention the "wet an wild" water park and "the Beach" for a decent club....try not to go at the height of summer...early or later is better...especially if you're a gwar! :wink:
You said you are going at the end of July so be aware it will be very, very hot. Vegas is notorious for the amount of bad backs and legs you get because of the all the walking in the heat and the hotels are huge. We went at the beginning of March and it was in the 90s. MGM should be avoided. It's a bit boring but absolutely huge (I think it has the most rooms of any hotel in the world). New York, New York is a great hotel but haven't stayed there. Used to go to the delis for most meals, though. First stay was the Riviera but we ended up spending most of our time at Circus Circus across the road. Last time we went we stayed at the Luxor. A lot of the rooms in the Pyramid are a bit tatty now and could do with a bit of refurbishment but it has a walkway to the Mandalay Bay. Bellagio is a ""6 star" hotel and has carpets that you sink into upto your knees (well, almost). Circus Circus, Riviera and Luxor are cheaper options (3 and 4 star quoted but I'd put them as possibly 2). Ref the walking, Caesars Palace has a shopping centre as big as most shopping malls in the UK plus the casino, bar, restaurants, showrooms etc makes a 5 mile hike seem like a stroll in the park.
Have a great time. And definitely catch the Grand Canyon.

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