Viv Windsor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. I went for a pint of liquid cleverness early this evening with a pal I haven't seen for a while.

    Whilst taking rather large swigs from an ice cold pint of Stella it became apparent that my pal was glued to the bar TV. Emmerdale was on and he was literally transfixed.

    My oppo is 29, relatively successful and at first glances not in the least bit odd.

    When it finished he apologised for being anti social and confessed to having a fetish for Viv Windsor, saying he fancied pulling the front of her American tan Tights down and rubbing his chops in her big growler.

    I looked at him like he was posessed..... Three hourse later and its still haunting me, she is fcukign gopping.


    Would you?
  2. I would, but then again, I'd do Cait. :D
  3. Ummmmm, no. But it takes all sorts :roll:
  4. Corpse, you'd do ctauch so it doesn't exactly place you on Gallups books as 'people to get an opinon from on the standard of human they would shag' does it?
  5. Nice spelling, you c*ck craving cnut. :D

    It's all moot anyway, I'm still saving myself for Jessica Alba.
  6. Listen in you colonial. We spell it like that over here. You bunch of hicks may well spell it how you want through laziness, stupidity or just ignorance. Remember where the language came from Poindexter. :wink:

  7. No fair changing posts, you pie eating chav. :wink:

    Now quit dragging threads off topic and tell us if you'd do her.
  8. Changing posts!!! How dare you!! I suggest you pick a seconder and choose your dueling pistol you cad.
  9. Flash I've seen you shoot, your lucky that Corporal has an arrse the size of the Spruce Goose other wise you'd never hit him :D
  10. I pick MDN and Aunty Stella as my seconds. :D

    Since I am the challanged party, I get choice of weapons. I choose MDN's used shreddies at 10 paces.

    C'mon mate, would you give the bird a length?
  11. So?

    What's the problem with her?

    seems to have a healthy set of norks..bit used about the face, mind, but Tesco's still has paper bags, don't they?

    After a night out drinking with MDN, I'm sure any woman that stood upright would do...
  12. Forget Viv, handbags at ten paces springs to mind he he he Do carry on, it is amusing!! As for Viv Windsor, I wouldnt!
  13. Forget Viv, handbags at ten paces springs to mind. You go girls!!!!!! And no I wouldnt!
  14. Meow! Saucer of milk for table 12. .... and no i bloody would'nt either.
  15. I would do the whole of the Emmerdale female cast including Betty, they all seem to have quite big norks, lasses from the north and all that I suppose.