Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by robsven, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Allo allo,

    I'll be joining the Royal Medical Corps in the next couple of months (got my two day residential next week) and was just wondering if someone could help me out with a slight problem I have...

    About two years ago when I was working in America, I discovered that a small patch of my skin (no larger than my thumb) had turned almost albino white. I spoke to a doctor out tin the US and he explained that it was Vitiligo, a condition where the pigment in your skin goes a tad bit wrong. Nothing to worry about, there is no cure, it's not contagious etc so thought nothing of it. In the two years since, the patch of white skin hasn't grown any larger or anything.

    My medical forms were all passed off no problemo as I'm pretty much 100% fit with no other problems. But I suddenly realised this morning that my doctor probably didn't realise I have Vitiligo, as it was an American doctor who confirmed it. My GP didn't do any examinations on me as he was simply reading from notes, and I didn't think to mention it.

    Does anyone know if Vitiligo is something which will prevent me from joining the Army?

  2. Take heart, robs, vitiligo won't be a hindrance for you. It's a benign affliction. It might be appropriate to mention it to your quack, since if you're ever posted to some very hot and sunny place you'd need some hefty suncream on it because it's not protected, it won't develop a tan and it WILL burn. So make sure you're ready for that.

    As an aside - it could spread to other parts of your body in time. Check yourself out regularly.


    Edited to add: It's the Royal Army Medical Corps (my old mob).
  3. Thank you my friend, was pretty confident it wouldn't cause any hindrance to my career, but wanted to be sure all the same. The vitiligo is actually in my groin area, so shouldn't be affected by the sunlight... unless I'm naked. I've also been told that the patch could grow larger, spread to other parts of the body, or even retreat and dissappear completely. There is no way of knowing. But like you said, it's benign so not a real problem - just a tad bit annoying.

    Thanks for your help again.

    PS - my recruiting Seargent would've slaughtered me if I'd said "Royal Medical Corps" in front of him, so I better keep that in mind for the future!
  4. Well, that'll rule out the Booties for you, then.