Vitesse Arnhem....Good on 'Em!!

I went to a huge clubbing event at Vitesse's stadium a few years back, saw a few Market Garden memorials and such around the town on the way there, I'd like to go back and have a proper look round at some point in daylight. Hard to imagine all that fighting going on there now seen as it all looks so modern.
What a very nice gesture, well done, thank you.
What a fantastic bit of reporting at the end of that piece though.

Detail rich, incisive, investigative journalism at its very best!
Which part of "Another celebration organised by a different group to mark the famous battle saw paratroopers from England, the Netherlands and other countries jump from a plane above a Dutch town." didn't you understand?
Sent the following by a fellow arrser:

This is (real) footage that is used in the 1946 movie "Theirs Is The Glory", they asked the survivors (soldiers and civilians like the "Angel of Arnhem" Kate Ter Horst) of the actual operation to star in the movie to get the most authentic documentary feel for the movie. This was all shot in the ruins that were Arnhem and it's surrounding area (Oosterbeek) with still destroyed/disabled vehicles in the old battlefield.


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