Vitamin C - RDA

Greetings Medical Peeps,

During a recent trip away, I noticed that my Mother was routinely taking a Vitamin C supplement.
Not a bad thing I suppose, but what concerned me is that the packaging stated that each tablet provides 1000% of the RDA!
I have 2 qustions......

a. Is this safe?
b. Why would Boots produce these tablets at all?



Many years ago I think I was told you excrete excess vitamins rather than store them.
So, you only use what you have in the body once gone they've gone - hence the RDA.

But I am rather old now so I might have remembered wrong. :D
Vitamin C is water soluble so excess will be excreted by the body. It's the vat soluble ones (like Vit A in polar bear's liver) you can't excrete. So stay off the polar bear's liver, ok?
you could probably poison yourself with vitamin c tablets if you tried really hard ,but in normal use harmless .Wether they do any good
is open to debate .Boots do it cos it makes them money.

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