VitalGround - Increasing effectiveness of Coy level comds

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Hawk, Jan 2, 2007.

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    If you have ever sat and thought that someone, somewhere must have already done what you are trying to do for the first time, then the VitalGround community of practice website is for you. If you think that as commanders and leaders we officers could better share our knowledge, then VitalGround is for you. If you have a particular interest in any aspect of Army life that affects company-level commanders then your contribute to the site would be of enourmous value.

    VitalGround is an internet based website for all Company-level Commanders. It is more than just a chat forum, and uses Microsoft SharePoint to permit the sharing of knoweldge from those with the experience to those in the experience. It will contain facilities to upload documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures and other tools that company commanders have created themselves or are of use.

    I am now looking for moderators and topic-leads to assist in the early design of VitalGround to make it as user-friendly and as relevant as possible. The site is being built right now by a small number of Army officers and soldiers in the margins of their day jobs. It will have an initial operating capability in Spring 07 and will have a full operating capabiliy by the summer.

    The Winter edition of BAR contains a lenghty article explaining exactly what the intention of the site is and the link provides some clue as to its antecendents.

    If you want to get involved at this stage, and help design and manage a collaborative workspace for company level commanders, then please email me at work (KRH-DSQN-OC) or through this means. You will be about 4 years ahead of the rest of the Army... but they will catch up!
  2. Hi Mucker,

    We have e-mailed privately. Count me in for up to date advice on BULLDOG, TELIC, Gurkhas, MS and a few other wonderful areas of particular expertise.

    Happy to help, but internet connection a bit slow out here.

    Keep smiling

    The Chancellor
  3. Tried to get into the American version but the moderator didnt even reply. I suppose that their version is on the US mil web and they cannot allow non US nationals, but they could have bothered to reply.

    would be interested in this new site though Hawk. Count me in.
  4. Gang,

    I had a meerting with a high-powered team from ArmyNET and the Land Warfare Centre on Thursday last week. The Lessons Learned Cell at LWC are going to employ an officer to run VG full time. This is great news for me, as the margins of my job this year are thinner than ever, and I really want VG to get off the ground.

    Thanks to all of you who are emailing me privately to show your enthusiasm. I'm afraid I can't give you access to the site just yet as the access rights and process are being finalised by ArmyNET. When this is done, I will email all of you inviting you to become core members and topic leads should you wish.

    I will not forget....



    PS If you want to read a little more about VG see the new Winter 06/07 edition of BAR (p.58).
  5. I'm keen to know more on this.
  6. The whole process is going a little slower than I had originally hoped. VG is now 'owned' by the Land Warfare Centre and there is now (a newly appointed) SO2 running with the project. THe LWC is building a series of Communities of Practice behind something called Army Knowledge Exchange (AKX) - VG will be the first of many. I see no real reason why it won't be running by Oct.

    Apologies for the delay - It has been 2 years since I first started trying to get this going and so I suppose in British Arny terms it is not bad...

    Yours Aye,

  7. VitalGround is now up and running behind ArmyNET... Well, up and shuffling really. It needs your help - more members and more content.

    Although approved at the highest levels, VitalGround has not yet received any official funding so is not a finished site but a work in progress; you would be joining the project team! It is being built from the bottom up, by majors from across the Army, to enhance our efficiency & effectiveness as sub-unit commanders.

    Please log-in if you are interested, update you profile (with full name); add value by asking a question or help others by answering one, uploading a useful idea or document and change the way we do business for the better.

    If we don't do it ourselves, no-one else is going to rise to the challenge!
  8. Folks!

    I notice that some of you are already members of VitalGround, the Sharepoint Services Portal for SO2s and up.

    You can access it through ArmyNET - there is some button clicking involved but nothing beyond anyone here.

    My personal view is that we - Army officers - should be seen to be supportive of this sort of technology, as long as it is genuinely useful. What is clear is that without The_Hawk's personal input, we would have nothing like this capability on offer, so let's give it a whirl.

    [Copied from CC]
  9. Hawk

    Got your PM and I will track down the info on the US side. One problem. I can't get on Army Net from my loc - don't really provide access in my five-sided office building.

    Any ideas on how I can get it to the site??

  10. The beauty of VG is that it is on the internet (so can be accessed from home / remote working or in those offices that permit the internet). Log into from home and you will be able to get into VG. Thanks for your work.

    Is there any chance that you can either send me the email addresses of all the British majors working out there or can you inform them all of the site?

    Cheers Yid!
  11. Will Do

    I now have access to Company Command, and membership is pending. Will come up on VG soon

  12. Any way of a former British, now "Aussie" occifer getting involved? Clearly I can't log onto Armynet, my old number isn't recognised!

  13. Membership denied - but I can still get to docs etc on the website. They are not open to Allied Offrs at the moment