Visual requirements for the Paras

F1kus said:
Fallschirmjager said:
F1kus said:
I was wondering what are the visual requirements for joining the Para's?
Same as the rest of the army. Some of us are blind as fuck. Not me, though looking at my missus I could be wrong! :?
Cheers mate, im sure she aint too bad
His eyes may be OK but hers must be suspect, she married a para. :D
I think there's a requirement that they have some sort of astigmatism in the left eye.

This makes it impossible for them to put their capbadge over that eye, and forces it away towards the ear.

I think it's contagious.

Tankies of course have the same affliction in both eyes, which forces the badge to the centre of their foreheads.
drain_sniffer said:
you have to be able to look ally
Curse you! I wanted to do that one...
I was probabaly the best look Para in the Reg mind you I do look like the god I am - please find below a copy of what we are looking for -

We are looking for hard drinking, good looking, tough fighting, special lovers.

There are a lot of fat, ugly boring people out there. If you are one of them do not bother reading anymore. Just do one.

As a Paratrooper you will have countless fights with your fellow soliders. You will win. Whats more, you will see active service with the finest ladies the world can offer. Lucky them.

If you would like to have a bash at being a Paratrooper and can hold your own at drinking, forget the devestating implications for your girlfriend - Apply Now.

To apply as a Paratrooper you should own at least one illegal hand gun to apply please call 1000 2000 3000 and supply your fathers name (if know) and squat address.

Perhaps not such a visual requirement nut you get the drift
Special? Yes that's the word...special.
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