Visual acuity

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by |James|, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Ive just been to the optician to get the form filled in for joining, however upon filling out the part which says "the answer to all the following questions must all be no for the candidate to continue to the next stage of selection.

    now on the previous sheet it gives my corrected visual acuity as 6/5 in both eyes...from what research ive done into the subject is this not better than the minimum corrected visual acuity needed of 6/12 right and 6/36 left...infact my uncorrected vision to me seems to be within the limits for service.

    i realise im second guessing a professional here, am i correct about him making a mistake or am i wrong?

    will provide more details if necessary
  2. I don't quite understand your question, but I'm gathering you want to know if 6/5 is better than 6/12?

    I've never heard of 6/5, but 6/6 is excellent vision, and therefore better than the minimum requirement of 6/12 for the right eye. Although, I think that the figure of 6/12 is minimum corrected vision.

    Could be wrong though!!!
  3. hmm yeah,

    Basically im asking if hes made a mess of my form by stating that my eyesight is below acceptable standards when from what i can see it is acceptable

    basically the form asks

    "is your clients visual acuity worse thn the minimum standard of corrected snellen visual acuity equal to or better than 6/12 in the right eye and 6/36 in the left eye"

    to which my optician has circled the yes answer, now the form says quite clearly that "all the answers to the following 5 questions must be no for the candidate to progress to the next phase of selection"

    from what ive seen 20/20 or 6/6 vision is excellent vision, however my vision corrected with glasses is better than that :/
  4. I am no optician, but I have had plenty of eye drama so I know a bit about it. It sounds like he has misread the question perhaps?

    Do you wear glasses or need them? If no then he has definitely made a mistake (unless you are in denial!)

    If yes what is your prescription, if it is better than -6 in each eye you will be be acceptable, if it is worse then seek further advice.

    Hope that helps, I used to be short sighted but now have better than 20/20 vision, I forget what they call this 6/5 maybe?
  5. Ah, in that case, yes it appears he has made an error.

    Might be worth popping in and having a chat with the optician.
  6. Just to add, alot of people get carried away with the corrected vision bit. If you have x ray vision with glasses, this can be in vain, as the army is quite strict on uncorrected vision.

    The reason for this being as it increases risk of complications/further deteriation, and I suppose makes you more of a liability if your glasses break...
  7. You don't happen to know the minimum uncorrected standards do you?
  8. Says here 6/12 right eye and 6/36 left eye

    when i spoke to someone about it i think its mostly down to using the L85.
  9. Spectacle correction must be no greater than -7diopters or +8 in any meridian

    I lifted that from another thread so excuse the lack of quotation marks . Those are massive figures in my opinion. I thought I was very short sighted and I was only -2.5 so -7 is quite frankly shocking!

    I had laser suregery over a year ago and have never looked back (I'll get my coat)
  10. I can't see why your mobile phone would be affecting this :wink:
  11. Corrected and uncorrected vision standards vary depending on what exactly you are trying to join up as, also certain trades can not have any form of colour blindness. Let me know what you are trying for and I will check the minimum standards for you.
  12. Im trying to join the infantry

    but my question isnt about the minimum standards of eyesight, rather has my optician made a mistake with my form
  13. It would appear he has, are you going to sue him for negligence and the emotional distress this has caused you?

    I doubt opticians are short of a bob or two.
  14. i reckon ill ask him to fix the form and for a lollypop.
  15. What is your uncorrected VA?