visting days at basic training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by louis10, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. how many are there ? and how many wek into training do freinds and family come and see you
  2. None.

    You parents can have a quick look around on the day you arrive and they can come and see you when you pass out. Aside from the weekend when you can go home your arrse belongs to the army and whatever it wants to do with you. :twisted:
  3. so they dont come up during training ?
  4. Why are you missing mummy? *sob* *sob*
  5. You are aware its the Army your joining and not just a weekend scout camp?

    Why the hell would you want your family to visit you during basic (THATS BASIC) training?

    Jeeez, the more posts i read like this, the more i worry about the state the British army is getting into.
  6. no need to be like that :d im just trying to gather info up
  7. Not that I am aware of. There might be a different policy if your a little nipper but definitely not the usual way? Anyway you have the full screws there if you need anyone to hold your hand which I am sure they will be delighted to do. :twisted:
  8. hahaha no as i said above im just trying to loads of info. i just want to go
  9. if your a junior entry e.g. bassingborn or harrogate you get a parents day i think around week 6 basically when you have drill test 1 and then you get presented your beret's (with capbadge) your parents visit you then and you can go out for the day.. that is what my mate told me who came to atr (p) from harrogate after doing 40 weeks there had to transfer cus off injury.
  10. ally is correct you willput on a display of sorts and your family will wander round looking at bashas and eating compo etc. You knock off around 15.00 and can go with your family and have to be back in camp Monday.

    Am sure you will get more precise details when you join
  11. Assuming I get that far, I can't wait til ADSC and Basic. It'll be chance to get away from the folks (I'm 24 and have moved back in with them temporarily :( )
  12. At ITC Catterick you have parents day on the Sat on week 4.
    You do your stuff do some sh1te stands and about 2ish you can get off with mummy and daddy for the day.
  13. I hope not. I can't wait to get away. Cut the apron strings, mate.