Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Biggles4221, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. This maybe a bone question. I'm thinking of upgrading to Vista from XP (when service pack 1 comes out) and was wondering if l installed it on my machine, would l lose everything in the process or would it just replace XP and leave all my programs/system drivers/porn and the such alone?

    p.s l'm a computer biff!
  2. I have no idea what it would do to your files, but all I can say (as an unfortunate Vista user) is don't upgrade to it for at least a year. Hopefully by then all the bugs will have been sorted out and it might actually work.

    Until then, my advice as one who knows what a nightmare it is, is leave Vista well alone :evil: XP works just fine as an O/S...
  3. Windows Vista? Complete crap. I purchased a brand new PC with the system pre-installed. Most of what I had with XP was incompatible with Vista. Even Incredimail is not compatible.

    I found XP much more user-friendly and versitile than Vista. I binned the latter as overhyped crap and returned to the former.



    I KNOW..
    I TRIED..
  5. Don't do it if you have an old PC, many drivers will be incompatable.

    Also, a lot of the good programs out there are not yet 100% compatable.

    I would wait until your PC becomes obsolete, and then buy a new one with vista, by then the kinks should be ironed out.
  6. I have an Acer laptop that came with Vista. It does my head in, one of the last updates took out the driver for the Webcam.

    There isnt a day that goes by in which something stops working.
  7. I agree with all the comments. Vista is crap and I wish I never got it. Bloody thing always asking for permission to do this and permission to do that. Bloody annoying... and you have to reload graphic cards etc. Shitehouse.
  8. Also, when you change your O/S , you will need to reformat your hard drive.

    So yes you would lose everything on your PC
  9. Vista... Don't do it. Microsoft has a pup on their hands and they know it .
    Wait until your current machine is becoming unusable and then trade up to a new box. XP has a few more years in it yet and hopefully the bugs will have been ironed out (of Vista) by then.

    Most of my colleagues have a Vista torture chamber, It's a curio, a bit like having a pet rock, when it becomes essential then consider it. ;)

    Shinyer.. slower... did you really want to do that(er)...
    Naah mate
  10. I also agree with all of the above. Vista is still far too new, buggy and unsupported to be a realistic option for your everyday PC user. XP was exactly the same when it first came out and took a while to become a half decent, stable and supported OS.

    Unless you have a good amount of RAM (I would say 2 Gigs) I wouldn't even bother thinking about Vista. It is very resource hungry, far too hungry for just an OS in my opinion.

    So basically, stick with XP its a far better option for the time being.
  11. I remember this debate happening when users upgraded from 98/2000 to XP.

    Lots of people here have good advice, XP will be supported for a few more years, Vista, needs a couple of service packs and new drivers than maybe upgrade then
  12. Cheers for this fellows. I've just upgraded my sytem, but l think l'll stick with XP for the while.
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    msr LE

  15. I had to install Vista as Xp screwed up during an update. I bought vista and Ive mixed feelings about it. Conversely to most other people it actually gave my system a hyke in speed, particularly playing sims, but in applications (particularly ones not written for Vista) speed appears to be down. Yes there is the annoying 'are you sure you want to install this?' to stop trojans. But if you go in the menu is pretty easy to turn off, so its not a major problem. The worst problem is a memory hole that after a while wont let you open any more windows until you turn the system off and on again, and it resets it. There is a patch available for this that apparently works pretty well, but Im waiting till the next service patch unless there is unfortunate consequences.

    When installing vista, it will backup all the programs and windows files into windows.old file. Ive copied all this onto the external drive (keeping all the old photos and programs) and deleted the orginal, which frees up the hard drive space. No problems after doing that. I dont think XP did that when upgrading from ME, so its clearly a step up in that direction at least. In fact I think the install of vista to its credit was absurdly easy.

    I seem to recall XP had a number of annoyances when it came out, but a few years down the line with a good computer it was rock solid. I think it likely Vista will be the same. May want to wait a couple of years though....