Vista - why the constant disk activity?!

Vista business on a Dell XPS.

Yes, I've done a Google search, read the 100's of topics, and disabled the indexing and the websearch functions in "services". Also disabled automatic updates (although they seem able to switch themselves on again without my permission....). I've also eliminated or disabled just about every process in startup, and yet -

every time I switch on, the PC hard disk starts hammering away - and continues on for at least four hours (timed it a few times). This is without me touching the PC or running anything. After four hours or so, the disk takes a break of about 15-30 seconds every ten minutes or so, but is otherwise continuously in action.

I just don't get it: a well-used XP machine with a full disk and some fragmentation will still generally finish booting within a few minutes, and then sits quietly awaiting further instructions. A Vista machine seems to be working on a master plan to take over the world or something...

Apart from the irritating noise and performance impact on programmes the user is trying to run, this activity can't bode well for the longevity of the HD - it'll be interesting to see whether there is a flood of user complaints in the years to come...

What the heck is it doing? What else can I do to get blinking Vista to concentrate on my programmes, rather than its own agenda?!


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I find that going into task manager and stopping the Pythonservices.exe stops this, and the lappy (also a Dell XPS) is cooler.

No idea what pythonservices.exe is supposed to do, but it doesn't stop anything else working.
It is to do with the Vista Desktop Indexing which is meant to speed up searching for files etc.

You can switch it off through control panel.
If you are trying to find out what a service is that is running on your PC try here

Admittedly it doesn't have current info on pythonservices.exe however it is constantly being updated. There aren't many processes ive looked for that I haven't found.
I don't have python showing, and I've already disabled the indexing, etc. I've also used a start-up manager (in System suite) to whittle the running processes down to the various MS services where no clear function is defined.
I'm running Vista business on my Toshiba laptop and have not had this problem.

Sure it isn't some other unwanted program that has sneaked onto your system?

I had a really, really sneaky trojan on my XP box that was hidden from a range of malware & virus checkers. After 2 days of downloading and scanning using a series of virus checkers/security applications, I finally found the b@stard thing using Kapersky... MalwareBytes failed to see it.


Its just Vista and Microsoft sucking the life out of you!
Sounds like a virus checker running in the back ground.

Do a safe boot and listen again to the HD,

You can then gradually disable software from the boot sequence until you find what is causing the activity

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