Vista - request permission to rant, SIR!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by spunkymonkey, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Treated Mrs SM to a new lappy today. She was bored with her old one after 8 months and Step-SM needs one for Uni later this year so seemed to make sense to upgrade and give the youngster the "old".

    Found a nice little Philips at a good price and started to swap things around. Problems so far with fcuking Vista:

    0) You get no system disk - not even one of those shyte "restore" ones. You have to burn a DVD yourself first time you boot. Small point, and I know it was cheap (£599 for C2D T5500/ 1Gb / 100Mb) but a 60p DVD? Surely they could have thrown that in??

    1) Vodafone Mobile Connect is not compatible. 68Mb download to correct - on a 56k mobile connection. Are they havin' a larf?

    2) NONE of her favourte security software will install. Not that she's paranid about viruses or owt (hell, she's with me :oops: ) but finding that none of the security software you know you can trust will work is a little annoying!

    3) Got a genuine, unused, copy of XP Pro, but that won't install because the new machine uses a SATA drive and XP won't see it. Have you SEEN the workaround for that on a lappy with no floppy drive???? 8O

    4) She plays games. Micrsoft games like Age Of Empires III. That needs a "compatibility upgrade". Only a 4 Mb download, but it has to be done on mine because she can't get hers online. And I have to validate my XP to get the update. But to do that, I have to download a Micrsoft plugin for Firefox. Why does that make me nervous???

    5) The plugin (to check my Windows is genuine) downloaded at a sprightly (for GPRS) 5Kb / s but the actual download I want is crawling at 1.2 Kb /s. Why am I starting to get the feeling that MS are more interested in protecting their products than actually helping their paying customers?

    Not that we had a choice about being their customers of course. We wanted a new laptop, and that means being a MS customer whether you like it or not.

    Fúck this, I'm buying a pen and pad next time...........................

    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

    Edited to add: On the plus side, she did pick up quite a nice bottle of The Balvenie which is easing the installation process a little :wink:
  2. Could be where you got it from...I got Vista recently and got the system disk no problem, but I agree the lack of compatibility can be annoying, presumably because it's brand new (ish!) Out of interest, which security stuff are you using? Norton et al seem to be fine on this one...

  3. Microshite! Get a mac or install linux on the laptop. I'm running OSX on my macbook and its awesome. Norton AV is rubbish-use NOD32 instead.
  4. Avoid Norton like the plague here since about 2003. Became a firm fan of Zonealarm / Spybot / AVG (free edition on all three). 4 years of almost constant online with them and not a single infection* beyond a few tracking cookies. Not a bad record for stuff that costs nowt!

    And the disk was a minor bugbear - would have been nice if they'd allowed you to set it up as you wanted before the one-time chance to burn a recovery disk. In that case I would have totally endorsed the idea.

    As for where, I'm afraid it was PC W****. But that spec for that price in a laptop? Was looking anyway at £699 yesterday & they dropped a ton overnight :)

    edited : Matelot - we both use Linux - household war between Ubuntu and Suze - but need MS for a couple of progs that won't run under WINE. And her games, of course :roll:

    *computer type
  5. i´m looking for a new Computer and don´t like the sound of VISTA.
    How long will we be able to buy pro xp or will it be discontinued? :? :? :?
  6. None of the problems you described are really M$'s fault. Dont get me wrong I hate them as much as the next guy but still.

    The lack of a system disk is your computer manufacturers fault, I have Vista and I got a disk.

    All the 3rd party applications are the responsibility of the companies that make them. Everyone knew that Vista was coming for a long time.

    And it's been suggested, get Linux if you hate M$.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I fcuking hate Vista. I installed it on my laptop a few months ago and it caused numerous problems. I ended up rolling back to XP, but even that can't install my sound drivers without crashing. So its up on ebay now and I've bought a macbook, it's great and I love it. Fook off microsoft, I am never coming back.
  8. As I will now demonstrate none of these problems are really the fault of VISTA.

    You need to speak to Phillips or whoever 'makes' the laptop. You should be entitled to a copy of the OS on disc but they often try to charge you for this. The restore ones are not shite as they generally include all the finicky drivers that you would have difficulty identifying/finding otherwise.

    If you are saying something did not work out of the box then again speak to Phillips or whoever. If you are saying something you have tried to install does not work then that it is hardly VISTA or manufacturer problem that you might have to download something to do so; much less is it their problem that you only have a 56k Modem (in this day and age).

    If you mean none of her older software will install on VISTA then you should note that Microsoft have been very upfront about the fact that this is a completely new type of OS and they have made available a piece of software and plenty of information to allow you to determine what will and will not work under VISTA. The same thing happened a few years ago under 95/98/ME/XP changeovers. This is the price you pay for attempts to make your PC more secure/efficient.

    SATA should work under XP Pro but in any case why go backwards just because you have not given it a chance yet?

    Why can she not go online on her laptop? I have a simple rule which is never used pirated OS (you suggest you have not validated your copy of XP yet) as you need to be able to rely on the system. Again, none of this is the fault of VISTA.

    Why do you not get broadband and why is the fact you have such a crap connection the fault of MS?

    Never heard of Apple? Linux? You have all the choice in the world what you lack is the understanding. I suggest you buy a few books/magazines and start to learn about IT before you whinge that it does not work quite how you would wish.

    I am not a MS employee or their No1 groupie but I fail to see how any of these issues are the fault of MS and I also see how this could have all been avoided if you had prepared/looked ahead/researched a little more.
  9. Vista is the way ahead...... apparently so why is it going to take over a year to get everyother add on compatible!!!!!!!! sounds as efficient as my pay office with JPA
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I think Dell actually give you an option still after there was an outcry of people being forced to use Vista.
  11. The problem with Micrsoft is that their business model is based an scaring as many of their customers into purchasing new versions of their sofware at regular intervals whether they need it or not. My laptop works quite happilly on the dreaded ME with office 97 but of course with the change to the Vista version of office the file formats change again, a problem already cured on my desktop by changing to Open Office.

    Vista and it's associated new releases from Microsoft are not about improving things for us the average user but all about intimidating the corporate user into keeping Microsofts coffers topped up. All the 'essential' improvements in Vista could have been implemented in an update for XP but that would not generate enogh revenue so we get an overhyped new OS that causes problems for mr average and forces the updating of otherwise quite satisfactory software.

    Edited to add that some manufacureres are now offering customers the option to stick with XP rather than be sold up a gum tree with Vista.
  12. Like an idiot I bought a copy Vista-ultimate with my new dell which added about £200 to the price. I used it less than a week before formatting it and installing linux 8)
    I've been using Ubuntu ever since and have had no dramas.
    Word,Powerpoint,DTV,MSN,video-editing,games the lot.
    Works great and costs nothing!
  13. Before commenting on the point above, just like to mention that I agree with your point about unlicensed OS use - all my operating systems (yes, even including the copy of AmigaOS I boot up for fun now and then) are legit. Personally, don't appreciate having to prove that to Redmond by having it "validated" though - presumption of innocence and all that ;)

    As to the points quoted. Which bit of "IT" do you recommend? Building, upgrading and troubleshooting PCs? Check. Installing and using multiple operating systems? 3x Windows (3.1, 98 and xp), Ubuntu, Suse plus aforementioned Amiga emulation being used at the moment. Programming? Would you like that in Java, VB, PhP, QBasic or C, Sir? How about playing God Save The Queen on an unmodified ZX81? That was just a silly little project to test hardware limitations "because I could". Oh, and currently in the middle of formalising all that with a computing degree, so got plenty of IT books to read. But you're right, I probably should just learn how to use 'em ;)

    The main point of my rant was the effective lack of choice brought about by MS doing their corporate best to put a stranglehold on the market, including PC manufacturers and other software companies to enforce it as the only available "upgrade" path.

    Microsoft want to sell their "new, improved" (ie: unneccessary and poorly tested) operating system so the (finally) stable, mature and well-suppored one they have is withdrawn. What would happen in any other industry if a company consistently sold unfinished crap to the public and released fixes at their own convenience to correct the flaws? AND portray doing this as evidence of their commitment to customer support?
  14. Someone so, ahem, PC literate should have hardly made such a series of flawed rants then should they?

    As for stranglehold by MS, this is not really the case. They have innovated and provided the infrastucture for others to innovate for many years. They have as pointed out got a business model which requires them to change things a little more frequently and at cost than they perhaps should but hey; anyone can use a PC (although you appear to struggle a little :D ) and that is mostly thanks to the efforts of MS.

    Linux is free in some variants but has not taken off in the same way windows has; I need not explain why surely.
  15. XP users must have a short memory, IIRC, XP was a nightmare until SP1 came out,
    Microsoft do have a habit of letting the public pick up the bugs then release a service patch to sort things out, so I would expect a SP of somekind in the future?

    Mind you, no point listning to me as I have never owned a geniune OS ever LOL!