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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by oldbloke, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if it has been covered but I can't be arrsed looking for it.

    I want to buy an all singing all dancing new PC. Only trouble is that it comes with Vista. Like a lot of people I don't really want this until the bugs have been ironed out and am quite happy with xp anyway.

    I'm ahead of you. Don't buy the fukcing thing until they are then! Oh okay I won't but when and if I do, would I still be able to network my PC which is the main one to my wifes PC bearing in mind that hers would still be running xp? Does it make any difference having two different operating systems? If it does then what is the answer, should there be one of course?


    Confused of Merseyside.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Networking shouldn't be an issue, check out the Microsoft FAQ pages for any fixes to problems you encounter. As long as you have shares on both machines you shouldn't have a problem.

    Vista Help

    Should answer some questions or point you to where you can get help. Search for 'Networking' and it brings up loads of links.
  3. No - won't make any difference at all having one XP and one Vista.

    Vista seems pretty stable, it's just that older peripherals may not have drivers. There's no rush to upgrade - XP will be supported to 2011.
  4. Good info. Thanks peeps. Much appreciated.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Got a guy at work who's running Vista (ex AGC), he loves it, however his laptop was designed for it and non of the hardware has any issues.

    Would not like to try to run it on anything but a machine thats designed for it if only because of the reported problems with compatibility. Is it more trouble than it's worth? It would seem so at the moment, now's the time to become a specialist in Vista and contract yourself for loads of money!
  6. If you go to you can download an application that tells you if your pc can handle it. I use Vista Ultimate and have an XP PC on the same network at home, no problems and Vista rocks if you have a decent graphics card. Just when you upgrade your xp do a clean install otherwise there maye be some problems
  7. Having read quite alot about the pro's and cons of vista i'll wait a couple of years until all the bugs are ironed out lifes complicated enough who needs the added difficulties

  8. A few months back I would not have bothered with Vista - my HP laptop was only a year old and although it hadnt been 'cutting edge' when I bought it, it was still doing fine and XP was okay with me.

    However, last month I took a trip back over to the States (Seattle area), where I used to live, and decided to take advanatge of the pap state of the US dollar at the time to buy a spanking new laptop. Be Silly not to - I told myself.

    It was desgined with Vista in mind and had it pre-installed - and tbh, I quite like it. Dont really think that it's all that - but it seems more stable, more user friendly, certainly looks better - but all this comes at the cost of resources. If you want to use the Aero theme and all the bells and whistles it can use a lot of RAM/graphics processor power - and even some new machines wont run it well.

    2 Gigs of RAM, or 1 Gig of RAM and a dedicated (not integrated/shared) graphics card would seem to be the minimum to get the best of it.

    If you have a good machine - and currently happy with XP, I see no need to run out and buy Vista. Especially seeing as there are still a large number of programmes that havent updated to Vista yet - so far I have been okay and there have been a few work arounds.... maybe I have been lucky.