Vista is crap

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Proximo, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. The only good thing (all relative) is Aero - and it keeps switching itself off and reverting to Vista Basic.

    Utter crap. Anyone got any ideas? I suspect it's due to a program that's incompatible with Vista right now...
  2. Sack it and get Linux; I too have been struggling with vista, on my mate's laptop; it's a load of bloatware pump. :thumbdown: :x :pissedoff: A better demonstration of why Microshite had better diversify their way out of software authoring I've yet to see.
  3. Never mind all that. Who is she? Pleeeeease! :)
  4. Do you mean Alizee?

    She is a French chanteuse with a penchant for kinky boots and wiggly dancing.

  5. you could have a software conflict, or you may have avirus have you done a scan?

    If you are having sofware issues with vista, you shuld be able to install XP instead (if you want to go back)

  6. To a better operating system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Suprisingly enough I actually like Vista. I've had no BSODs since installing it over 6 months ago. With XP blue screens were quite regular and I used to do a full reinstal every 7 months or so. Vista is far from perfect, it's memory usage is rediculous, its install foot print takes up a huge amount of space and I have had some driver problems but on the whole I am happy with it. I still keep XP installed on a seperate drive because of a few programs that I have are incompatible with Vista but I find I am having to boot into XP a lot less often these days.
    My system is however bang up to date with all new components, I wouldn't try using Vista on a sytem that is more than a year or so old or with a less than average graphics card.
  8. vitsa will only got to basic if your "windows experience index" is low to find out if it is then go to your controll pannel, then click on the icon "performance information and tools" look what your index is then you can see what windows feels is making your computer change to basic.
    If there is nothing obvious then you can force the visual effects that you want on the laptop by clicking on "adjust visual effects"
    There is a more advanced area to look at, which is when you are in the "performance information and tools" window click on the "advanced tools" there you can click on "View performance details in event log" there you will be able to find out the exact problem causing the laptop to change to vista basic.

    On another note linux has only 2% of the commercial market, linux doesnt allways work with all laptop graphics cards, to enable you to use all the flashy features such as KDE / GNOME

    hope this helps you out :D
  9. XP
  10. Says it all really......
  11. Will be interesting to see Windows 7, when it comes out...
  12. So does this:
    I've had no BSODs since installing it over 6 months ago.
    With XP blue screens were quite regular and I used to do a full reinstal every 7 months or so.

    As I said XP is only used for hardware / software that is not compatible with Vista.
  13. With selective editing like that to make a story, you should work for the Scum
  14. Vista is the outpourings of Satan's Khazi. I have never had to use it until a pal turned up with a new laptop. What a frightful bit of kit
    It is so bad that I'm sure that the Emperor had something to do with it
  15. The selective editing was for fun.