Vista - I hate it!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by greengoblin, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me how I go about transferring word xp documents from my computer to a second computer which has Microsoft Vista.

    (Well I can transfer them accross but they won't open in the right format.)

    Surely as Vista ia the latest version it should be compatible with Microsoft XP ?

    Thanks in advance for any light you may be able to spread on this.

  2. So what version of word have you got on your Vista machine?

    You DO have the office application on the machine??

    Might be preaching to the choir but the office suite of document processing software is something completely seperate from the operating system.
  3. Steven's spot on of course.

    Vista and XP are 2 versions of the operating system. While MS Office 2007 was developed to make the most of Vista, it will run on XP as well. Similarly, MS Office XP and Office 2003 will both happily run on either operating system. The newest version has a new file format, but you can either save in the older format, or download an update from Microsoft which will let Office XP open the new files.

    BUT - if you don't have MS Word of some flavour loaded on the new machine, you won't get anywhere at all.

    I did see a certain computer shop chain advertising the Home & Student version of Office over the weekend for £79 - usually £99.
  4. You would be amazed (or maybe not) how many people don't know this and think that the OEM version of the PC from the shop will have everything you would ever need.

    The amount of times I have heard "But it is all Microsoft so it MUST work" :roll:
  5. Jesus, thats about the dumbest question ive heard in some time. You need office on both machines, if you don't have it then buy it. Or go to your local reputable torrent site and download it.

    It's not Vista's fault your forgot to install M$ Word
  6. I don't see why it is dumb?

    Vista being the latest thing out should be compatible with the older Microsoft products. Office has always come ready to go on any previous computers I've bought.

    Thanks Steven for your construnctive advice!!
  7. But that's the point.
    Office does work on Vista, you just haven't bought it for the new machine! You really do get what you pay for.
    If you still have the Office disks that came with your last computer, then install it.
  8. In order to open your word processing, spreadsheet or presentation files you will need some kind of 'office suite'.

    It sounds like you have Microsoft Word on your old computer. It is part of Microsoft Office which you could buy from somewhere like for the following prices:

    Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 = £293.98
    Microsoft Office Student & Teacher Edition 2003 = £100.98
    Microsoft Office 2007 (Standard Edition) = £289.98
    Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition = £87.98

    Or, if you only want Microsoft Word:

    Microsoft Office Word 2003 = £175.98
    Microsoft Word 2007 = £164.48

    Pretty outrageous? I use an office suite called OpenOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Office and entirely free. Click here to visit their website and download it. Every time they release an upgrade you can download it for free as well. There is a good review of it on Wikipedia.
  9. Thanks interceptor, the problem has now been rectified.

    I hold my hands up I am an IT biff!!!

    (But I still think if you buy a new computer it should come with an office suite whatever it is!!!)

    Thanks for your help, you might see me again when I have my next IT disaster!!!
  10. No problems. Any time...
  11. I recieved somthing that has been doing the rounds on DII regarding Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. If you are serving you can buy it for £17.31 (it costs over £ 400 in the shops) this is a deal with microsoft and the armed forces. I payed and it arrived a week later a geniune copy and works fine on my system (vista) if you have access to DII try this you need to register army no rank etc but it did turn up .

    Hope this is of intrest
  12. Wood_Gnome, just been checking that link out...if thats as gen as you say it is....what a deal!!!! what exactly do you get as part of the office package with 2007??

  13. There was a similar deal running about a year ago with Office 2003. Paid about £20 and got a full copy of Office!!

    It is a 'pukka' deal, but not well advertised.
  14. Its even cheaper if you download the ISO and burn it to DVD and install it, so we are told
  15. Higround, it may sound dumb to the computer 'savvy' but you will be evry surprised how many people have no or very little idea, my old dear visits her local Library twice a week to E-Mail Family and everytime she needs help with something or other and she has been using the place for the past 2 years!!!