Vista Does Not See New HDD During Instaliation

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by carlbcfc, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. My old IDE HDD failed, so I got myself a new SATA one. This is what I have done:

    Unplugged the old IDE one, plugged in the new SATA one.

    Popped in the vista disk.

    When it asks your to select a drive, it does not see the new SATA HDD???
  2. Check the SATA cable if you can. Or buy a new one.

    Change the SATA connection on the motherboard too. The pins are very fragile in both, if you fudge fingered connection you may have damaged it.

    After that, see if you can test the drive else where.

    Hopefully that will be the fault.

    SATA should be pretty much plug and play.
  3. It was the connection in the end, all installed now, but...

    Now my IDE dvd drive has disappeared, and Nero does not recognize my SATA dvd drive, although other programs, and the system, does?? I have reinstalled Nero with no success.
  4. Did you look at your BIOS settings? Could be something in there.
  5. Personally I would bin Vista, but as Utred says, check the bios first...see if the BIOS see the HDD and DVD. I have found that setting the BIOS to default settings clears mysterious problems such as this.