Vista ATP (MTP compatible cam) Update - for cam spotters / manufacturers

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by This_Tribe_Rob, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    For those interested in the progress of Vista ATP, commercially available camouflage fabrics closely matched to MTP, I've posted an update in our blog.

    In a nutshell - legal concerns dealt with, more fabrics available including clothing fabrics and two ranges of kit and clothing inbound from Trojan Group, the makers of Templar Assault Systems MOLLE/PALS kit.

    We've had a few enquiries now about buying short lengths of Vista ATP for small projects. I'm looking in to stocking it.
  2. These lengths wouldn't be the same length and width as the average Sgt Maj's desk would they?
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  3. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    I'm just discussing stocking Vista with the manufacturers, with this sort of use in mind. Should I drop you a PM once I have the agreed and we've got it in the shop?
  4. Fcuk NO! I don't want to look a complete t1t. That said I am sure the market would be great for such things...
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    oddly enough I am interested in some camouflage poatterns for other reasons, PM me for a discussion if interested?
  6. I sell the ATP rankslides alongside Multicam products and when I slapped a Ze-Colonel slide on my PCS smock did actually blend quite well

  7. But what is the point? The direction from CGS was very clear on the wearing of rank slides with PCS; the only two permitted options are the issued ones in MTP with the standard light coloured rank insignia and regimental ones on a plain green (i.e. not MTP/ATP) background so no one would be permitted to wear such an item. Or is the photo just for demonstration purposes to show the similarity between the fabric patterns?
  8. This Tribe

    This Tribe Sponsor

    And of course, along with the other uniform regulations, adherence to that direction lasted a long time!

    In other news, we've also just heard that Vanguard are increasing their range of Vista products. We sell quite a lot of their airborne webbing in Multicam so will be interested to see how it looks in Vista. They're also changing from the darker green webbing currently on their Vista products to a lighter version so it will be interesting to see how that looks. We're expecting to get a sample copy in next week so will stick pictures up when we get them.
  9. Given yesterday's announcements, it is a foolhardy man or unit who fails to follow orders. I know this has been discussed before elsewhere, but if you cannot follow an order as simple and as clearly articulated as this, from CGS himself, then you have no business calling yourself a soldier and frankly need to be part of the 20% who are to go.
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  10. This Tribe

    This Tribe Sponsor

    Are you suggesting that it was curtains for 2 RRF because they were fans of up and in?

    On a more serious note, a very good friend of mine works in Army HQ and assures me that the old sport of 'random uniforms' is still rife at every level from 4* down. This includes CGS who is a frequent visitor and, I gather, a particular fan of MTP CS95 up and out .....
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  11. ...with desert boots (on several occasions).
  12. That thought hadn't occurred to me, but - having spent an awfy lot of time in 2RRF back-in-the-day, it is on the cards that they would go for up-and-in . . . . . :wink: