Visits by Blair to Iraq

There's a thread on the Intelligence Cell wondering if Blair has ever visited injured squaddies in Iraq.

Does anyone here remeber the useless piece of sh*t ever visiting SLB, and the injured guys, to bolster his image?
He has visited SLB at least twice, once whilst I was there, but steered well clear of the field hospital, just like I steered well clear of him. The cnut.
Having read this (and the other) thread about The Dear Leader's conspicuous absence and being in the middle of reading the autobiog of FM Lord Alanbrook, I could not help notice the contrast between Bleuugh's spineless antics and those of Churchill sixty years previously.

It was all the CIGS could to to get WSC away from the front line; he almost had to be dragged away from the Western Desert in 1942 and was constantly proposing visits to the centre of the action...and all this in a war where we were the technological underdogs and at a time when we were very much on the back foot.

Then I had a nasty flashback to a soundbite from old Margaret "Horseface" Beckett when the lid was blown off the WMD tissue of lies. The gist was along the lines of 'Why should the PM know the difference between tactical and strategic weapons, Churchill didn't know the details of the weapons used by his army'. Which shows both what a dumb tw@t she is and how much Liabour value form over substance.

Either way, don't forget that it is the physician's duty to protect their patients from sources of stress and irritation so perhaps this is best left the way it is. :wink:
Ventress said:
Filbert Fox said:
he had a tour of the BMH about a month or so ago, one of the X-Ray techs (pink fluffy female type) showed him around.
Oh I didnt realise TX3 was there!
He was very interested in the appalling state of our Transport Police. very poor moral fibre, especially in the south he was saying.

I didn't realise I was there either, Perhaps they have done a lot of building since my last visit.
Ventress said:
Well he pays for us, well apart from the TOC's maybe!

Making the Railways safer!
I say Venty should be issued with a firearm so as to shoot any lawbreakers on the spot.......oh and shoot bald, ugly radiographers too :wink:

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