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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by seanbean, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Every time I log on to ARRSE the "Visitors" typically outnumber the "Members" on-line by 2 - 3 to 1. Why is this? Is it because:

    - They are all journos hanging on our every word (thanks Independent et al.) looking for something for tomorrows copy?

    - They are senior officers who want to know what's going on but wish to remain anonymous at all costs?

    - Thay are some of life's voyeurs who do not want to enter into debate/dialogue with the "brutal and licentious soldiery" but, over who we exert some sort of fatal fascination?

    Invitation to the "Visitors" - register and tell us why. Go on - I dare you!
  2. and some are people who are registered but haven't logged in.
  3. and some who are just interested in the site but dont want to be a member. I looked for a couple of weeks before registering.
  4. Good point!
  5. And some have multiple logon’s :wink:
  6. Guess we are still waiting for our first new recruit then....
  7. There are also ghosts like me who are here, but are not on the list....

    Woo Hoo... :D
  8. Thanks AWOL - I often wonder who the "hidden" members are (if it's an embarrasing personal problem I entirely understand!).
  9. This must be what it's like working in a recruiting office (or whatever they call it now)!
  10. There's still about 100 people looking through the window - no-one going to step inside?
  11. It would be nice if they popped into chat sometimes too. I am always nice.
  12. I looked for about a year before registering.
  13. Right you lot (about 130 of you)!

    Step inside and join!

    Free uniform/gun/waterskiing in Cyprus (all virtual)

    Besides, I got to fill my recruiting quota before I go to bed (go on - you know it makes sense....)
  14. i dont log onto my username unless i intend to post.

    when im surfing ARRSE i do it mainly in work time therefore its a shared computer... and i dont want the boss peering over my shoulder seeing EWK in the left title bar now do i? so a quick log in-post-and logoff is in order!

    i remain in the shadows! muhahahaha!
  15. I give up! Obviously a lousy recruiter (can't imagine why: charm, good looks and almost inhuman sexual prowess).

    Time to adopt the prone position: down, test & adjust.