Visiting RH Chelsea

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Poacher, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody visited RH Chelsea?

    I dont mean the Tourist visits between 1000 - 1200 and 1400 - 1600, but a visit to their bar after a days 'cultural visit' to the IWM, is it do-able? We have had the grand old gents to our messes in the past (and veritable ale sponges they were).

    Or is there a pub nearby which is their haunt that we could invite pensioners of our cap badge (or antecedent's) for a sociable quaff?

    Serious replies gratefully received.

    Inane drivel not welcome.
  2. Given your monicker, I would imagine the best bet is to make contact with the chief Angle Spangle in-pensioner. You should be able to find out who this is through your Regt HQ..

    Be warned - I cannot ever remember leaving the place, so make sure your evacuation plan is set up well!
  3. Total agreement there. I think the pensioners hate to see anyone leave the Hospital who doesn't require pouring into a cab or other transport. Many happy memories of visits as a young(er) serving soldier!!
  4. I'm a 'Friend of the Chelsea Hospital' (see link) and I often pop into the bar there to see a couple of old mates.
    Certainly is a boozing sesh when they get into full flow!.
    If you can spare a few quid join the Friends bit and donate to their appeal:

    Friends - The Royal Hospital Chelsea
  5. The London Branch of The Coldstream Guards Association will be there this Saturday ( 5th February ) for our AGM. If anyone would like to join No.1 Branch, you can do so on the day.
  6. Bring your own sheep :)

    Have a good day used to have a great time there when I was in Chelsea
  7. Thanks for the responses.

    VMT to HE117, did not even think of contacting the Regt Sec - e-mail now wending its way to him.

    Think I will be needing to do some 'run up' training before visiting, as all the old boys I have met can fair stack it away.
  8. Poacher, PM me and I will give you the contact details for visits etc. The nearest pub is the Rose and Crown on Lower Sloane Street.
  9. Another good arrse memory jogger, Our mess used to make annual visits to see the chaps, I think they drank to prove they were still up for it! and woe betide anyone who tried to keep up!

    Absolute gents most of them, and they had many a funny story to tell.