Visiting regiments?

Hi guys, i really dont know if this is in the right place, but i just want some advice on joining as an officer.

I was told by a few people who went to sandhurst/are serving at the moment, that before you start anything you should go and do visits to a regiment of your choice. So as i have had a lot of family and friends in them i decided to email the Royal Anglian Regiment, and they said that i have to wait until i start the officer training program? are the people i spoke to wrong or did i just send a horribly worded email?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I did the same as you and had the same advice, wrote a letter to regiments I was interested in (a couple had actually contacted me first which was confusing, I'm guessing because they believed I had completed a briefing that had actually been cancelled) and they told me to wait until after AOSB briefing but that my letter was welcome. So I would have your letters all ready and send them immediately on return from briefing.

Good luck

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