Visiting other messes

Has anyone on the site any good or bad experiences of visiting other messes?
Mine are all good, but the one that sticks out is when, after leaving the Army I had the pleasure of spending a day in the mess at Sandhurst. I had been at the Sovereigns parade as a friend of mine had just been commissioned, and between the parade and the ball I had a good few hours to spend, so without knowing anyone I ventured down to the mess. I approached the door of the bar and asked the first person I saw if he could direct me to the senior mess member present as I wished to ask him if I could use his mess facilities for a few hours. To be honest, having only been a very junior Sergeant I was a bit scared when I was directed to the Acadamy Sergeant Major, but I could not have wished for better treatment. The ASM and his members, most of whom were Wo2 rank and above were the best advertisement for the mess I have ever encountered. They hosted me all day, and didnt let me buy a round. I was very impressed indeed with everyone there I met, and I only hope that during my service my mess hosted guests as well as they did.
To anyone on the site who was a member of that mess in December 2001, thankyou and well done.

PS What does the Army do with the new Officers after they leave Sandhurst, because the majority of the ones I met were polite, respectful and seemed very capable, if a little young and naive, they must get brainwashed later!


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I bet this guy wears a jacket, colar and tie at home on a weekend!!! ;D ;D


Well I liked it BK  :)

Nice to see someone with positive views of the Mess speaking up.
We'll leave the sprogs to their cynicism ;D ;D
Thanks Nige, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the mess. I await Ma-sonics moronic comments with no where near as much interest as he thinks they will generate.


I have to admit sadly that the worst mess to visit is the one designated as my own corp mess, namely Blandford garrison.
A motley collection of portacabins and rooms from the dark ages,
The worst part being the dining area where all visitors and guests are treated like second class citizens and are seperated from permanent members even if you know them, and the building is in quite a state . Then go over the hill and see the sprogs in there brand new blocks.
What more can you say. :evil:


School of inf has a good mess 60p a pint other mess members were a laugh but most are course students....get there quick the sandwhiches go early and it`s a cft for t&t if your the other end of camp
The little side bar is a laugh a minute...or at least it was.
I once had the dubious pleasure of travelling around a large number of units on a "Roadshow". This involved staying in a huge variety of different messes throughout UK and Germany. Without getting into the realms of sweeping generalisations, it was very noticable how the level of hospitality and manners varied between different Regts/Corps.

The best, and by far most welcoming, people to stay with were: HCR (miles ahead - but living in a slightly different world to the rest of us), any Cav unit, Quality Infantry Regts (not the ones with 'KINGS' or 'Lancashire' anywhere in the title), Sappers, Teeney Weeny Airways and Gunners (though it pains me to admit that).

The worst were, perhaps surprisingly, the RLC, R Sigs and HQ Messes (Garrison, Bde or Div). To be fair the HQ messes might be expected due to the fragmented nature of their memberships.
......and some of the 'fragmented' specimens who live in them.
Baddass said:
......and some of the 'fragmented' specimens who live in them.
Fair point Baddass. It might make an interesting documentary for David Bellamy or Robert Winston to explore the marvels of the Sleep Hollow HQ genepool.


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My apologies to any seniors in here other than ethel, Get back in your cage Ant eater!


yep......sorry i meant the side bar good on poets day for pre down town drinks......the mess manager (female civvie) wore more jewllery than Mr T
and was prob harder. Any how the the SASC T**TS are a different story ... :evil:
I second god-childs point on Blandford mess, i've had the unfortunate pleasure to spend some time there. I dont have a problem with the permenant members or staff, but the buildings, furniture, bedding and catering can be shocking. I was once shown to a room in the mess that had stained bedding, fungus on the walls and the smell of fifty years of urine rising from the sink - horrible. Fair play on the staff, they know what shite they are working in and do their best to help you out.

Is there any truth to the rumour that they are going to be building a new mess up at engineers corner? I've heard the Officers mess is just as bad so its certainly needed.
The AGC Mess at Worthy Down sounds on a par with Blandford. Each time down there is a painful experience, the charmless nurks that insist on a khaki Apartheid between course personnel and PS just spoil the whole thing, for a Corps Mess I think it is appaling as it just does not inspire the Esprit D'corps (if thats how you spell it) which is lacking in the AGC.
I did an IT course down at HMS Collingwood and their Sgts Mess accn is on the ball. Mess bills are about 10p a year, but beer's a whopping £1.60 or summat for a pint of draught Stella.

I might go more often!


Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Blandford boys and girls. The mess accomadation is being upgraded and expanded to make room for students on all the gucci new BOWMAN courses. As far as I know, the portacabin type accomodation is also being upgraded to Z type. Let's hope it is true.


a really good mess to visit is the old depot quenns div one, now an atr mess. the members are on the ball and will always give a warm welcome to us strangers