Visiting Nepal and Central Selection

I am looking to visit Nepal towards the end of the year and have always been interested in the Gurkhas as a possible regiment to commission into.

Having been browsing on the Brigade of Gurkhas website i've seen that their Central Selection is on at the same time as i was intending being in the country and wondered whether anyone knew if
1) it would be possible to visit the selection?
2) whether it would be useful/worthwile to visit the selection (just to see what goes on there)?
3) who would be the best people to contact about it (BGN or the RHQ in the UK)?


When I went to Nepal back in 2000, I wrote a letter to the Headquarters British Gurkhas Nepal and asked if they would mind 3 UOTC and a STAB bloke pitching up for a look round.

We didn't get much of a look round out of it, but it did kill half an hour and it was nice to be in a calm peaceful place after all the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

I got the contact details from the Gurkha Museum in Winchester


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When were you there during 2000? I was at the Central Selection process at the base in Pokhara during the autumn and I do remember some Welbeck student type pitching up at the gates asking if it was OK to look around. Some young British Officer was dispatched to politely f*** him off.
No that wasn't me!

I was there in April/May 2000 and I never went to the camp at Pokhara.

We had a nose around the camp in Kathmandu
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