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cosantor said:
Well guys I enjoyed myself in London so much last time that I'm off again.
With the exchange rate as it is you must have really, really enjoyed yourself! :D

But this time I have to make a less military orinated visit (well maybe sneak in a visit to HMS Belfast or the Tower!!!)
IMO Belfast is a good short trip, but I'd shell out and spend the day (you can quite easily spend the day) at the Tower of London. Yes, it costs a few quid but it is, to my mind (native Londoner of thirty-six years save the odd year here and there) the best tourist attraction in the capital. The Yeomen Warders are excellent, well-informed and witty guides. If you are military or know somebody here in the military you can get to The Ceremony of the Keys, where the duty Yeoman hands over the keys to the Tower to the detachment of Guardsmen in the evening. Excellent piece of ceremonial, I commend it highly. Walk over the bridge and make a left and there are some decent little pubs where you can go for lunch.

But I was thinking of having a trip on the London Eye, I'm going next month, so what time is best to go on the eye?? Morning or evening??
Hmmm. The Eye is a great excursion but beware the typically gloomy English weather: having done day and night I'd say daytime. You really do get a decent sense of how ridiculously big London is. For a good night time view of London, well for the price of a cocktail you can go to the brilliantly cheesy Windows on the World bar of the London Hilton (Park Lane W1) where the vista is tremendous.

Talking of drinking, some really smart options are The American Bar at the Savoy (just off of The Strand, so named because it was once the Embassy to the Italian statelet of Savoy)...this place costs a fortune, but you will meet some extremely attractive and bored American business-widows who will be happy to flirt with you whilst their husbands are in Frankfurt completing on some mega-bucks deal. For a more traditional feel, The Grenadier in Belgravia (allegedly Madonna's local but I've never seen her in there) is probably every American's authentic wet-dream vision of a proper English pub.

For more down-at-heel drinking options then PM me. Too numerous to mention here, but I'll steer you into the less rip-off/ touristy holes and into the genuinely decent London boozers (i.e. The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden or The Phene in Chelsea).

Before I get too boring/ spotterish I'd also strongly recommend a boat trip (Westminster to Greenwich is more urban and historical, Westminster to Richmond more leafy and laid-back...have a beer and enjoy the scenery as I'm biased because this is now my end of town).

You could also go to Portobello Road Market (Saturday is better) or the Food Market at the Borough (where I go for my Ostrich steaks once a month). A trip to Harvey Nichols is mandatory (head for the bar to spot the grand-a-night Russian hookers cruising for business), Harrods is soooo last Century.

I could go on and on but I won't. Seek and ye shall find.

Nightlife - Make a pass through SOHO. Cracking night out there. Fall out a club at 5am and into china town for an early breakfast! Madame JoJo's is a good place for comedy.
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