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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cosantor, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. I'll be shortly be visiting London.....ya baby ...ya.....
    Was wondering if anyone can advise of any military museums etc, in the city that I should try and see?
    I hope to take in the IWM, and if possible HMS Belfast in a that doable?

    Also the tower is on the list and the associated Regimental museums....

    Any suggestions or advicse appreciated!!
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    National Army Museum in Chelsea.
    If they let you into the Royal Hospital next door, do not try to outdrink the old & the bold there.
    They may look doddery but they can put it away & know more dirty tricks than the entire ARRSE membership !
  3. Firepower at Woolwich is excellent (but a bit out of the way).
  4. Imperial War Museum in Lambeth - lots of exhibitions, artefacts and history on display there. Affiliated to The Cabinet War Room and HMS Belfast. Go on, enjoy! :wink:
  5. He said iwm in original post - I would agree it is unmissable if you are visiting London. Army Museum in Chelsea also good and Cabinet War Rooms - although they aren't free entry like the others. There is a Guards museum practically next door to Buckingham Palace at the back of Wellington Barracks but never been in sodon't know how good it is.
  6. I have heard the Scotland Yard museum is quite good as well.
  8. Visiting London .... some tips and points for consideration.

    1. Only use public transport when in a formed body and be prepared to lose a few on the way - natural attrition.

    2. Check your doorlocks and practise veh anti-ambush drills before you get inside the M25.

    3. Bring your own morphine for treatment of the wounded, good chance you will need it and crack cocaine, whilst freely available and legal South of the river, is just not the same.

    4. Bring loads of cash.

    5. Don't walk anywhere at night, ever.

    6. Be careful walking anywhere during the day.

    7. Brush upon treatment for gun shot wounds.

    8. Brush up on foreign languages. Anything bar English should get you served in Burger King.

    9. Bring your Bergan to carry the cash you will need to get a round of drinks in the west end..

    10. Pack a personal distress beacon if you plan to go to the west end after dark.

    11. Don't bother to ring in an Emergency - your idea of an emergency will not accord with the operators, if in trouble, form a baseline and push on to the M25, don't look back.

    12. Bring loads of money.

    13. If planning to go anywhere, add at least 2 hours onto your time estimate.

    14. Don't talk to anyone you don't know. If you absolutely have to , grunt, sneer,split, posture and demand 'respect', then you might be mistaken for a local.

    15.Don't even think about going anywhere Parliament Square or Islington,you will be arrested as a threat to National Security and spend the next 2 years of your life in a US military jail. Only the guilty have something to hide.

    16. Brings lots and lots of money.

    17. Don't smok a cigarette you will damage someone's health. Please restrict yourself to A class drugs, they are freely available.

    18. Don't go south of the river without a planned and well rehearsed escape route.

    19. Do not bring the elderly, infirm or children, for that matter, leave behind anyone who can not run with the speed of an Olympic sprinter, whilst simultaneously discarding all personal valuables as a decoy.

    20. Enjoy yourself :lol: but bring plenty of money.
  9. And remember don't bother to ask anyone the way to anywhere as they will probably be an equally lost colonial, or a totally lost foreigner.
  10. Hootch, - I hope you live south of the river!

    There is nothing wrong with South of the River, the Irish Republicans have gone to ground, it is now safe for squaddies to drink in Irish Pubs.

    Alt Visit to London, Brixton about as scary as Chelsea (NY City). Class A available; no need for Morphine Auto-injector.

    Seriously though, two tips to avoid the usual tourist traps:

    Play Pub Crawl by Tube, buy a day travel card a choose random Tude Stations - Taste local beer and move on. Great fun in Prague; I am sure it can be adapted to London.

    Night Life - Highly Recommended is the SWAN NIGHTCLUB oposite the STOCKWELL TUBE. - NOA Anti-ambush required when leaving Tube stn at night. But well worth the risk Thus - Sat eves it is rammed with NZ/Aussie/Irish/SA and East European girls.

    Unlicenced Cabs avaibale until 4 am to get you home North of the River!
    Good Luck!

    Unfortantely I'm married to a SPECTIC so well used to dragging her friends/family around town.
  11. Defo doable in one day. My advice is to do Belfast in the morning (allow 2hrs) grab some lunch at one of the Pubs (bars) on the south bank, then hit the IWM in the afternoon (allow 3-4 hrs) The one day travel cards are well worth the investment as they allow you unlimited travel on the tube and buses.
    The Tower is worth a visit, although its a bit pricey. Security is not really a problem anywhere in London these days, just be sensible, and keep your valuables out of site. In the unlikely event that you have to "reach out and touch somebody" a tightly rolled copy of "Private eye" jabbed enthusiastically into the throat/solar plexus/knackers tends to discourage most urban goblins! :D Whatever you do, have fun, Its a great town.
  12. It is very good but not open to the general public - you need to know someone who will be able to book you an appointment.
  13. To add to Hootch's list - don't say 'ya baby ya' to anyone................ ever 8O unless you want to see how the local A&E service compares to yours :D

    Enjoy your trip :D
  14. cosantor I suggest you travel everywhere by tube,
    it's quicker and you're less likely to get lost.

    Do a bus tour one afternoon, that way you get to 'see' the city.

    Plan your route from the tube station to your destination, go to and print off a map.

    If you get lost go back to the tube station or go into an office/hotel reception.

    Only rule for London is never look lost or confused.


    PS Have fun!
  15. Try this one if you dare....

    The famous pub crawl of London following the undergrounds circle line.

    27 stations, 27 pubs, 28 drinks in a 12 hour sprint.