Visiting injured husband

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by hereisd, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi..

    My husband has at the weekend been injured on exercise in canada. He is not able to fly back at the end of the exercise with the rest of the regiment due to his injuries. Im not sure if i would be able to go visit him and stay as he will be on his own. Would i be entitled to any kind of flight etc..

    Many Thanks
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's injuries, and hope he is well on the way to recovery.

    Have you talked to the welfare officer, or maybe SSAFA?
  3. Thats what someone had mentioned to me, indulgence flights, thought id see on here if anyone knew the details etc.. and would they count for this situation.
  4. Howdy,
    Sorry to hear about your bloke. If his regiments away you could try these for advice on flights/visits:
    His/your Regt Families office should be the first point of contact. If you don't get any joy call:
    Army Inquiries and Aftercare Support Cell 0800 032 9990.
    All the best.
  5. It's called DILFOR - Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives

    Casualty procedures - British Army Website

    The medical officer will make the decision ( IIRC) to grant DILFOR - I presume your husband is not dangerously ill, behaps a broken bone or similiar that requires a hospital stay but he is not in danger of losing his life?

    The systems and resources are there to look after this situation.

    Telephone JCCC on the number provided - your husband should have left you with a small business card with all the details before he went overseas, if not the people at JCCC will sort it out.

    The Welfare Officer of your husband's unit SHOULD be all over this, and I'm suprised that you had to ask this question here. Is your husband TA? If so, ring his unit and wake up the permanent staff.

    Edited to add:-

    There is a system called JPA - this covers a lot of stuff like expenses, leave and importantly - Emergency Next of Kin or ENOK. Your husband should have ensured that this was correctly filled in before he left. This is the piece of information that the JCCC will use to dispatch a trained person to inform you in the event of serious injury. It sounds like your husband SELFKINFORMED or rang you from hospital himself, which suggests he is not too bad. I would guess that the admin staff of your husband's unit are scratching their heads trying to find you and don't have the means to do so.

    Ring his unit tomorrow morning and watch how fast things happen.
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  6. Many Thanks for the info, we only got married 8 weeks ago and in that time weve only had 2 weekends together due to duties and going on exercise abroad. Not enough time to scratch our heads and im not down as his wife yet. He did self notify me as his injury is a fractured spine. Hence the flight being a problem for him. He asked for his NOK (HIS DAD) not to be notified of this injury so as not to worry them uneccessarily. Thanks so much for the info on the last post by Hooch.. Its a big help.
  7. hereisd:

    Not able to provide you with concrete advice but have friends in Canada who are docs and Canadian healthcare is usually top notch. Best of luck to you and husband!
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  8. Don't put any more detail on here - check your PMs'.
  9. Get in touch with SSAFA if you are having problems with NOK etc. Where are you? PM me if you are at Catterick
  10. Thanks everyone, the info given has been a big help, just received a call from hubby and its all being sorted.. xx
  11. good to hear