Visiting "dodgy" countries

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by R_Spandit, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know where I might find a list of countries that you require permission to visit?
  2. The FCO advise on countries you should or shouldn't visit, but what about countries that military personnel should or shouldn't visit? I believe there is a specific list for those in the Army...
  3. Ah, in that case..............RHQ/Chf Clk/whatever your unit calls it/ will have a list. Failing that, have a chat with your nearest friendly CRMP unit.

    Rule of thumb? Anything ending in 'stan.
  4. Speak to your Unit Security Officer. The list you are interested in is the "Casra" CSSRA list (Countries to which Special Security Regulations Apply).
  5. Also be careful if you have a DV - they tend to take a lot more interest in travel to those sorts of countries than if you only have an SC.
  6. I have DV and I visited Poland, China and the Philippines all as holiday destinations, all I did was contact the RMP, have a chat with them, they gave me some info on what to do if such and such happens and after the holidays I had to go back to see them to say that everything was OK.
  7. Poland's NATO, so no issues there... You wouldn't contact RMP if you were visiting Italy?
  8. Englandistan, Londonistan? :wink:
  9. I went to Poland in 1990, so yes I did need to contact the RMP smartarse, just as I would have done if Italy had been behind the 'Iron Curtain'.
  10. kinda surprised you had to talk to the RMP foxy, you sarcastic old devil you. it's your USO or local MI Section who do the briefing / debriefing (SO2 G2's decision).

    (and yes, that was also the case in 1990 lol)
  11. Could have been a spook I suppose, the three of us who went had to head to the RMP station at Gun Club Barracks (I think it was called) in Hong Kong for the briefing (luckily I was posted to Hong Kong at the time otherwise it would have been a right pain in the arrse to go all that way for a 20 minute chat!), bloke was in civvie clothes.
  12. so you can't even tell who the spies are on your own side, let alone the other side. good job you got that brief, innit? ;)
  13. He looked about 40 and had a crap tache, must have been Int Corps.