Visiting Carlisle

Discussion in 'Travel' started by REMEbrat, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Next week my wife and I are staying in Carlisle for a couple of nights as my cousin is getting married in Gretna. As we will have a free day we are hoping to visit Hadrians Wall nearby, do any Arrsers have any recommendations of any sections of the wall that would be worth visiting? As we will be taking our 7 week old baby with us we'd rather not travel too far!
  2. If the Met Office forecast good weather I'd advise wellies and storm-proof clothing. Build an ark for the child and find some rushes to hide it in ;)
  3. The best Roman bit to see is Vindolanda although it isn't on the wall itself but a few miles behind it. Housteads is good, as is Steel Rigg but both involve a bit of a walk which probably puts it out for you.
    Carlisle Castle is well worth a look, as is the Cathedral if you want to stay in the city itself.
  4. Hadrian's Wall is, well, a bit of old masonry. Rarely more than 3ft high, crossing some of the wildest country in England, as disappointments go it's hard to beat.

    Stay in Carlisle: the castle, cathedral, city centre will happily fill your day. They're also handily close to each other, accessible with kids, near shelter and sustainance, and the parking's good too.

    Go look at the wall if you like, but expect to spend an hour meandering B and C roads, foul weather, no facilities and rip-off prices in the few tourist spots.
  5. I am from Carlisle. As a child the castle was a playground. Now it is a rip off tourist attraction. Do not risk walking around the town after dark. Just a word to the wise.
  6. Now, to me, that just sounds like a challenge. Bring it on :D
  7. Not with a seven week old baby. Most of them still eat their young up there.
  8. Not once, in my whole life have I ever had a problem walking around Carlisle at night. Nor have I ever even felt uncomfortable about doing so.
  9. same here and im a stinking ******* jock!!!
  10. i would be more worried about having to go to Gretna it really is a shit hole full of plebs!
  11. Yet you still want to go! I have to say that every time I went there I had the best time, before and after dark. With kids in tow or without.
  12. Why run yourself down like that. Most people in the "Border City" are of jock descent,including me.
  13. And I believe as a Scotland'er you can still be legally hung if found within the city walls after dark......
  14. Not strictly true, although it can be life threatening to blatantly use a south of Penrith, or north of Gretna accent at any time of the day.
  15. tullie house is good for all the roman plus other history stuff, the castle is worth a visit also as said the cathedral
    pubs in the city center The sportsmans , Pippins , The board are family frendly
    pubs down botchergate are the night life center and will get rowdy but never had any probs , only if you look for it like every where