Visiting Bosnia

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Okay, hopefully I won;'t get to much stick for this.

Maybe, it's too much over-hype for my daughter's Disneyland or the delights of married life wearing me down. I was thinking about how I'd like to revisit Bosnia.

I dunno, maybe walk down memory lane, pick a fight with a couple of engineers, maybe bang a prostitute or two.

Has anyone ever gone there outside of wearing green kit? I'm guessing cost of living is considerably less than UK?
Haven't managed to cross the border other than driving between the two bits of Croatia, but if it's anything like Kosovo, which I've been to a number of times in the last few years, why bother?


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You don't get a medal any more. Why not go on a proper holiday instead?
I've been there as a tourist - a few years ago, but it was enjoyable - ended up spending about a week there - good weather, relatively cheap, and nice cafes and bars - especially old town. No idea if its changed or not - also a few interesting sites, such as where WW1 was declared, and also where it started.

Enjoy! :)

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