Visiting A Mormon

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Please keep up, Huginn and Munnin told him before breakfast. :rolleyes::-D
We should get ravens to run the Royal Mail, we might get a delivery before midmorning.


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No forms, Kit Kat is on its way via Chipmunk delivery, don't be surprised if you only get the wrapper though. :boogie::boogie:


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OMG! A statue of the Devil! A homosexual idol! A monument of sodomy!

Mine eyes are degraded by this wanton display of gayness!
If that's your bag, try this for size:
OMG! A statue of the Devil! A homosexual idol! A monument of sodomy!

Mine eyes are degraded by this wanton display of gayness!
The Persians didn't like it up 'em that way
Only 8 pints? Makes me wonder what filthy, degrading and morally questionable things you'd do after a few shots of absinthe and ten double-JDs and coke..

By the way, do you like Kit Kats? I have a surplice of them I'm looking to give away.
I wonder if it's as much fun as it sounds?

Not allowed:

Stimulants (inc coffee)
Pre-marital sex


Dunno; Ludo maybe?
It went badly, very badly and it was the Wife who exploded first calling him a fecking god bother.
His wife wanting us to pray together to clean our souls, seems my mate is now 110% god bother.

My old mucker will not be inviting us again as it seems we are satanists in his eyes!

Point taken, will refrain from annoying you & stop posting crap threads.
My humor may not be everyone else's humor, I will learn from this and move on.

Thank you & Yes I have learnt from this and will endevour to gain knowledge from it.
All you have to do is click on my profile and select the "find" option to see what threads I've posted before, unless the link below works:

But the number of shit threads is not my point. Like you said, we're all different.

My point is when a relatively new member starts posting shit thread after shit thread simply because they're bored / unemployed / drunk / needing attention / all of the above, and don't take on board comments / advice from seasoned posters and moderators, then measures need to be taken such as a reminder of the forum rules.

In the case of serial mentalists we tend to ROP those members to give them a break and allow the alcohol or medication to take effect. I don't act simply because I don't like what I'm reading or don't like the member.

To that end, I generally tend to see how the wider audience react to a thread first before I tend to step in.

The reason you haven't seen other moderators comment is because they too have a life and are not on here 24/7 posting for the sake of it.

Finally, you're arguing a moot point on this thread. It's not been binned. It's not been holed either. I've simply posted an extract of the site rules to remind the thread starter and wider audience what this forum is supposed to (loosely) adhere to.


You're doing it wrong.

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